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Thursday 8 February 2018

Empties post 9// Bleach London, Lush, The Ordinary

empty beauty products including Lush Bleach London The Ordinary
I missed a couple of months worth of empties, so this post is long overdue... and also just long, period. I'm pretty sad to see some of these things go, actually, because some of them were amazing and also some of them were pretty luxe for me.
Lush Rosy Cheeks face mask// I really enjoyed this and I definitely noticed my skin looked brighter and calmer the day after using this. It was soothing and it also smelt great- roses as per the name. At £7.25 it's not toooo expensive, but the fact that you have to use it all up within a month makes it a bit of a luxury purchase for me. I'd definitely buy it again, but as a treat not on the regular. I also really want to try another of Lush's masks, so if you have a recommendation please let me know!

Lush Dream Cream// This was an expensive, expensive treat to myself this summer. It lasted a good few months, but it was about £10 more than I normally pay for body cream, so I'm probably not getting it again any time soon except as a gift. I might get Charity pot again though. It was so lovely though.

TIGI Bed Head Urban anti+dotes resurrection hair mask// I got this in TK Maxx for about £9 (RRP £15!!) and while I was happy to try it, I definitely won't be repurchasing it unless they reformulate it. It made my hair really soft, which I loved, but the smell is absolutely awful. I can't quite describe it apart from that it smells really strongly of chemicals, like the scent they use on box hair dye sometimes... it hits you like a train as soon as you open it and it just smells so chemically and nasty :( I loved how it made my hair feel, but I found myself using loads on purpose just to get through it quicker. How have you guys got on with TIGI products? Do they all smell this bad?? It smelt so bad I can't help but think maybe it had gone off or there had been some kind of mistake...

Bleach Fade to grey toner// I loved this toner! I couldn't resist picking it up in Berwick street when I went to visit, and I was pretty pleased with the result- check out my review post: Bleach London Fade to grey grey toner review and before and after I can definitely see myself getting this again- it might have converted me from my usual Makki because it left my hair feeling so silky smooth.

Oh K! Moisturising hand cream panda cherry blossom// I got this as a gift from my Mum, and I loved it soo much! Obviously the packaging is adorable, and I'd almost buy it just for that, but the hand cream itself is actually really nice too. The scent cherry blossom is really subtle and the cream was light but sunk in quickly. It's not a super rich cream so I wouldn't use it on my hands in winter (my hands get really scaly unless I use something hardcore) but I really loved it in summer and I'd definitely buy something from Oh K! again- for myself or as a gift.

Happy Naturals Argan Oil body butter// Another one with a really dreamy scent- this one smells quite strongly of shea butter and patchouli. I loved the smell, and I did go and buy it again because it's really rich and creamy but doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky. It's also fairly cheap, this one was part of a set (I've used up the body wash and scrub already, they both smelled as gorgeous as this!) but you can get it on its own for £4 (£3 if it's on offer) for 200g, which is not bad. Definitely cheaper than Lush, oops.
empty beauty products including Bleach London, The Ordinary, Lush and Tresemmé
The Ordinary Ascorbyl glucoside solution 12%// I bought this serum in summer, and I really liked it- it sank in to my skin quickly and lasted a fairly long time, and also made my skin a little brighter (I think). I've already bought another bottle of this.

Tresemmé Heat Defense styling spray// This is my go-to heat protection spray- it's affordable, it smells nice and it just does the job. The spray is a really fine mist, so it is really nice to use. Already bought this again- it's probably my 4th or 5th bottle now.

Tresemmé colour vibrance white conditioner// Again, Tresemmé is cheap but it does the job well. I use hair masks to condition my hair quite often, but sometimes I use this when I want something quick. It's also great for mixing in with hair dye when I want a more pastel colour. I'm sure this is full of silicone, but that seems to work well with my bleached hair- making it smoother and less likely to tangle and snap. Also I cut the bottle up to get the last dregs out.... does anyone else do that? Or am I just extra cheap?

Nails inc. silver glitter nail varnish// This was such a gorgeous nail varnish, choc full of really fine silver glitter. I got this as a gift, though, and as Nails inc. is pretty pricy I think I'll stick with something a bit cheaper next time.

Simple Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion// I've used this cleanser for years- it's cheap, gets makeup off well without being too harsh and my skin seems to really like it. I'll definitely keep using this.

E45 cream// It's winter, and my hands need all the help they can get. This handcream is affordable but really rich, which is exactly what my excema- prone hands need. I've already got a new tube of this lined up.
Empty beauty products including Bleach London, The Ordinary, Lush and Tresemmé
Nivea Creme// This is a really rich and very moisturising cream, and it's great value for money at £2. But, it's not very luxurious- the smell isn't that nice and it also takes a while to sink in- it left white marks on my sheets (which thankfully came out in the wash!) a couple of times. I think I prefer Nivea's body lotion which is a couple of pounds more but it sinks in quickly and is much nicer to use.

Vaseline// I've had this for a good couple of years, and although the pink is cute, I think I prefer the original Vaseline because it's not tinted so it's more versatile for me. The pink one still moisturises your lips really well though.

Old Blue Last// I liked this protein treatment from Bleach and I think it made my hair smoother for sure. Considering it's £6 for a 10ml treatment, I definitely can't splurge on this too often.

Clinique mascara// This was a present from my mum, and it's a perfect mascara for me- the brush doesn't poke in my eyes and really separated and lengthened my lashes. Luckily, I got another one for Christmas :)

Peach solid perfume// I bought this adorable perfume in Kyoto- it was supposed to be for a souvenir but I ended up keeping it (as you do). This smelt really nice, and I wore it every day for a couple of months.

Rimmel eyebrow pencil in dark brown// There are only 2 colours of this, and this one was definitely a little bit too warm for me. I used it up, because I hate wasting things and it wasn't a bad product at all but I personally will look for a different colour next time. I'm actually using an old brown eyeshadow to fill in my brows at the moment, and it seems to be working pretty well.

That's it for now- thanks for reading! Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? I especially want to know if anyone's tried TIGI before- I've only heard good things about the brand but the hair mask I tried smelled sooo weird :')
-Amy xoxo

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