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Tuesday 20 February 2018

Japanese and Korean beauty haul// Dolly Wink, Kosé, Skinfood, GEO,

flatlay of Asian cosmetics and plants featuring Dolly Wink, Kosé, Skinfood, GEO

After I finished my January exams, I did a cheeky yesstyle order to treat myself, and it finally arrived the other day! I picked up a couple of my ride or die products, as well as some circle lenses and lower lashes to try out! 

For those of you that don't know, Yesstyle is a website where you can order Asian cosmetics and clothing. They have a really good selection of my favourite Japanese products, along with tonnes of Korean and Taiwanese stuff. Yesstyle do free shipping over about £30, and they also had a sale on contact lenses at the time, so I haaad to go all out, right? Because I'm a "Bronze member" now, I'd used up some points, so I got a coupon for 5 USD as well, bonus! The face mask and the lens cases were freebies, which is always nice! I'm especially excited to try the sheet mask, because who doesn't love a good pamper?! 
Asian cosmetics flatlay including Kosé sunscreen, Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, Skinfood, GEO

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in deep black// This is one of my ride-or-die products, and this is actually the third one I've bought. Japanese brush pen eyeliners are so much easier to use than the felt pen liners which are common here in the UK, and this one tends to be the easiest to get hold of so I keep going back. 

Kosé Suncut 50 PA++++ sunscreen// Another all time favourite product, I think this is my fourth tube of this. Japanese sunscreen, even cheaper ones like this, are sooo much smoother and nicer than UK drugstore foundations, and it's only about £8 to buy this even over here, so I just keep with it. It's 50 PA++++, so it's really good at keeping me from getting burnt, and it also doubles up as a great primer. 
Asian cosmetics flatlay including Kosé sunscreen, Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, Skinfood, GEO

GEO Magic Color circle lenses in Stone Grey and Xtra Brown// I've only tried one pair of circle lenses before, the 'lil moon eye doll' 2 week lenses I bought in Japan. But. there was a sale on, so I thought now was the time to buy some. Once I've tried them, I will probably do a post comparing these two~

 Asian cosmetics Kosé suncut, Dolly wink eyeliner, false eyelashes

Bottom lashes// I never normally wear false eyelashes, and especially not lower lashes, but I wanted to try them so I went for the cheapest of the cheap. These are really long, so I think I could cut them in half or at least trim them. 

Asian cosmetics Dolly Wink, Kosé, Skinfood, GEO

So that's my haul! I'm pretty excited about all of these. Do you guys have any fave Asian cosmetics? I'd love to know any recommendations!
-Amy xoxo

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