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Wednesday 14 February 2018

L'Oreal colorista washout in lilac review and before and after// 2018 re-review

L'oreal colorista washout in lilac dip dye ends
About a year ago I bought the L'Oreal colorista washout dye in lilac- the shades they have on offer are gorgeous and the advertising campaign and packaging were great too. Also, some of my fave bloggers like Flamcis and Ellen Vlora were featured on the campaign!! I reviewed it a year ago, but I still had some left, so I thought I'd use it again and re-review it.


My hair was white-silver, the perfect base for a pastel or unnatural hair colour.

Silver hair


L'oreal colorista washout in lilac dip dye ends
My first thoughts this time was, again, what a gorgeous colour this is. It came out exactly the shade on the packaging. This time, I didn't have the L'Oreal conditioner sachet, and although I used my Bleach London Resurrection mask, my hair still felt a bit dried out and unhappy. But still, fairly ok. 


After one wash, all the warm tones had completely faded out, leaving this bluish purple. 

L'Oreal colorista lilac after one wash

L'Oreal colorista lilac after one wash
After two washes: The second time, I washed my hair with Toni and Guy's deep cleansing shampoo, and my ends are definitely still stained blue. I'm kind of into it, but I really can't recommend it as a "washout" dye. Last year it definitely took a while to fade out, so it's not a good choice if you're a bit impatient like me. 

silver haired girl wearing souvenir jacket and beret
I washed it again this morning and my ends are still blue-tinted.


The colour of this was so pretty that I was tempted to try it twice, but there's a teeny bit left and I think I'm just going to throw it- it stains my hair blue and although it's nice to have blue ends for a change, it's annoying that it will take a while to fade. If they reformulate the dyes I might try them again, but as I mentioned last year, it's a bit pricy for not a lot of product so for now I think I'll leave it. 

If you're after purple dye that doesn't stain your hair, I've tried a couple of other dyes I can recommend:

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of the colorista hair dyes? How did you get on? If you have any purple hair dye recommendations, I'd love to hear them!
-Amy xoxo

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