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Sunday 23 September 2018

How to settle in/ back in to Uni ASAP

silver haired girl sitting on bed drinking tea
Soo the new academic year has rolled around once again, and for a lot of people this means a new start and potentially a new house too! I've done my fair share of carting my stuff across the country, and here are the things I do to make sure I'm settled back into uni and back into a new place as soon as possible.
Pack smart: I packed my clothes folded Konmari style so I could put them straight into the drawers from my suitcase. Another thing is obviously packing like objects together. Unpacking and setting yourself up can be a huge pain, so make life easy on yourself!

Make a cup of tea! You'll need fortification before you unpack, as it is often a bit of a chore.

Unpack asap- nothing is more miserable than a bare uni dorm room.
When you're unpacking: Clean and then do your bed first. That way even if you don't manage to get everything done on the first day, at least you're not struggling with a double duvet at 2am.

Treat yourself to some room accessories: flowers, fairy lights (battery powered if you're in dorms) and a nice scented candle (or a reed diffuser if you're not allowed candles) can all make a huge difference in making somewhere feel like home. I started off last year the niiicest Lush shower gel (the sadly discontinued Beautiful, but all their products smell amazing) and it honestly does cheer me up every morning.

Get yourself some plant friends!! I am a plant addict but honestly nothing makes a room feel nicer than a splash of green.

Do a food shop and make sure you have some easy meals planned- and some healthy stuff too :) I always like to make sure I've got some yummy tea and coffee in. You could even meal prep/ make and freeze some meals for later on if you're feeling extra high achieving.
silver haired girl sitting on bed drinking tea
If you're in a new town, get out and explore straight away! Check out online and especially instagram- see what events are on, where the cute coffee shops are, and I promise you'll feel more settled in.

Uni work: Start as you mean to go on. Go to the introduction lectures- even if it's just to see your friends- and make sure you've got a dedicated place to work and that your stuff is organised.

Arrange to see your mates asap! Or if you're a fresher, make sure to go out and join in events (there are always a lot of fun things at the start of term) and make some new pals <3

I also recently made a Uni Room tour video, so definitely check that out if you're looking for ways to make a slightly grotty house... less grotty :')

So that's what I usually do! For anyone starting/ going back to school or uni, best of luck <3 <3
What are your tips for settling in somewhere new/ starting the new academic year right?
-Amy xoxo

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