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Thursday 20 September 2018

Guitar Wolf @Brudenell Social Club 21.03.18

Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf on stage
So in March I saw a band that completely blew me away- Guitar Wolf. They are a punk band from Nagasaki, Japan and they were absolutely crazy! So high energy and mad. We were really lucky to have them in Leeds as they only played three dates in the UK- London, Brighton and Leeds.
They played soo many great songs, like Jet Generation (which is my fave), yajyuu vibrator and Fujiyama attack. Their songs and music videos are slightly mad, and I hyped it up for myself quite a bit and was wondering if they'd live up to it: yes, yes they did.

Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf on stage

Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf on stage

Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf on stage
The vocalist Seiji is honestly insane, and he kept everyone in the audience really hyped (he even did 'behind the head guitar' at one point...........) Most of the stuff he was shouting barely made any sense (in English or Japanese) but it was such a good time- all the band were really into it, and jumping around Couldn't recommend seeing them more.

(I normally post about the opening band, and tbh it was a while ago, and whilst the opening band were pretty good, they never said a word to the audience so I have no idea who they were. They played a few high energy songs, but I was there for guitar wolf!)
Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf on stage

Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf on stage
After the show, we headed to the Merch stand, and I got a T shirt, which, although a little smaller than the oversized fit I usually like, it's still pretty cool. Plus, it's red, and I need to inject some colour into my mostly black band shirt situation.

At the merch stand, we met Guitar Wolf's bassist, Gottsu, who is actually from the same bit of Japan as my friend Taka :D He was really drunk, really tired and reeeally excited to see Taka, haha. My friend Kieran asked him to do shots with us, and we did, and and he still refused to take his sunglasses off. Guitar Wolf are committed to the look, guys.

My friend Taka and Gottsu from Guitar Wolf
Me and Gottsu from Guitar Wolf
Also Brudenell Social Club is a really nice venue- it's quite small and you get a good view from wherever you stand.

Lastly, here's  my favourite gig outfit: Vintage shirt, sukajan, and Dr Martens -never lets me down.
Girl wearing vintage shirt and sukajan at a gig

TL:DR I love Guitar Wolf, please check out this video because they're amazing:
Guitar Wolf, Jet Satisfaction

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