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Friday 21 September 2018

'Osaka' things I miss so much

dotonbori osaka
Osaka is the best city in Japan. Just saying. And I know I'm being a cliché year abroad student who won't shut up about their year abroad, but I honestly think I left a teeny piece of my heart back in Osaka. So here are a couple of thing I miss about Japan, and particularly Osaka.

Tower of light Osaka

Banpaku Kinen Koen Tower of light and the Redhorse Osaka wheel// I passed these every time I went into town, so they make me very nostalgic.

Glico Man
Glico Man// I also miss Dotombori's (in downtown Osaka) huge neon lights and signs everywhere, and massive fish, disembodied hands, moving crabs (!) everywhere.... I love it.

Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki// Osaka is sometimes called 'Japan's kitchen' and food here is so delicious <3

Kansai- ben// (Kansai accent) The Osaka accent is amazing. Just watch Lovely Complex (set in Osaka) There's also a stereotype in Japan that Osaka people are louder, funnier and flashier than other Japanese people. Of course that's not true for all Osaka people, I love seeing people being noisy and irritating downtown. Osaka people even line up on the 'wrong' side of the Escalator to the rest of Japan.

Osaka monorail
The Osaka monorail// it's expensive and ever so slightly naff, but OMG MONORAIL IT'S THE FUTURE. Japan has a tonne of architecture that has a sort of retro-futuristic vibe to it. And things like monorails and ferris wheels make me think of theme parks every time I go out, and raised roads are everywhere which is so cool.
Hep 5 ferris wheel Umeda

Umeda Hep 5 ferris wheel, and the Osaka Skyline// there is a ferris wheel on the top of a shopping centre and it's just casually there. Osaka also has loads of skyscrapers- I love the city vibe.

The train noises// sometimes when I'm sad, I youtube things like the family mart jingle or the trains. So 'Japan'

The architecture// I love Japan's ugly 80s apartment blocks. It's so different from back home in the UK and so instantly recognisable. Give me a picture of a random side street in Japan and I'll be happy forever, basically. Also seeing "止まれ" written on the road.

Ok, that's enough gushing from me.... Have you guys been to Osaka or anywhere else in Japan?
-Amy xoxo

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