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Wednesday 10 October 2018

My vintage shopping tips ♡

silver haired girl wearing vintage shirt standing on old tram tracks
I've been uploading a fair few outfit posts lately, so I thought I'd make this one a bit more interesting by sharing my vintage shopping tips. I went to Leeds Uni, and the fashion there is a bit more laid back, a bit 'wavey' and vintage clothes are really popular at the moment, and I also got infected. Hence my overuse of the phrase 'wavey'. Sorry bout it.

Shirt// Vintage (Blitz, now Attica on Brick Lane)
Tote bag// free from somewhere
Skirt// H&M
Boots// Dr Martens

Why vintage clothes are the best//

♡They're often cheaper than buying things new- especially brand things like sportswear (although tbh as it's so popular right now sometimes vintage brands are getting v v pricy.) But second hand clothesa are often cheaper than new, especially at charity shops
♡ A lot of things are more 'one of a kind' than buying at popular fast fashion shops so it's good if you like standing out
♡ It's better for the environment! Less new clothes, less things in landfill, and vintage items are often better quality than buying something cheap

That being said, it's not all roses. Sometimes vintage clothing can definitely feel like a bit of a rip-off, especially as they're soo trendy right now and more pricier vintage shops are popping up. It can be great to go somewhere more curated, but it does come with a bigger price tag.

So here are my tips for searching for wavey garms:

♡Look everywhere- in both the mens and women's sections- you never know where you'll find a hidden gem. Lots of vintage shops are unisex nowadays too. I'm a sucker for a good men's shirt or oversized jumper (as I'm sure regular readers will know)
♡ Look for fabrics and prints that grab you if you don't know where to start
♡Check the care instructions! I shrunk my favourite jumper by sticking it in the dryer by accident ;_;
♡ Check over any garments for holes and stains
♡ Just because something has holes or is missing some buttons doesn't mean don't buy it! But be honest about whether you're the type to sew on a new button (and if it's a jumper with a hole in it, I really recommend you sew the hole up sooner rather than later as the hole will get larger in the wash). 
♡Try on everything- this will help you look for flaws too. Also, lots of vintage clothes' cuts and sized can be a bit mysterious.
♡Check the price! As I mentioned earlier, just because it's second hand doesn't necessarily mean it'll be cheap. And tbh £20 for a t shirt is a bit steep. 
♡But if it's something you've wanted for a while, go for it!!
♡ Get yourself to some charity shops too! Vintage shops and fairs are more curated and curated and you'll be more likely to find the wavey garms of your dreams (I promise I'll stop saying wavey one day, but today is not that day #Leeds). But, while charity shops may be a bit more hit and miss, they are cheaper and go to a good cause and you can still find some amazing things.
♡ Check out depop- although be aware that items there have quite a hefty mark up. I think it's really good for finding specific items. And to be honest, the clothes I've bought from there have been great and were pretty cheap too! 
♡ Raid your parent's clothes! My parents have given me some amazing pieces that would have cost a lot, like a leather jacket and the warmest cardi.
♡ Kilo sale shopping- avoid heavy fabrics like leather and denim, but apart from that go mad! 

silver haired girl wearing vintage shirt standing on old tram tracks

My favourite places to shop vintage//

♡ Blue Rinse in Leeds
♡ Retro boutique in Leeds- the second floor has clothes and some of them are v reasonable. 
♡ Rockit in London
♡ Pop Boutique in Leeds and London
♡ Brick lane- tonnes of vintage shops there and some are v pricy but Attica (used to be Blitz) was really nice
♡ Camden Market- again, can get pricy but I bought the most banging hawaiian shirt
♡ Brighton- I've not been much but there were lots of cheaper clothes there too, which was good for broke me :)
♡ Kilo sales- there are several which pop up all over the country
♡ Depop
♡ Charity shops!
♡ Japan- Kinji (it's a chain and prices can be pretty good) WEGO and SPINNS also have pretty affordable second hand clothes, Amemura and Harajuku in general~
silver haired girl wearing vintage shirt standing on old tram tracks

Do you like vintage clothes? Where's your favourite place to buy them? (Also, I was v hyped about this location- it's the old tram tracks! V cool)
-Amy xoxo

'Osaka' things I miss so much// Guitar Wolf @ Brudenell Social Club 21.04.18// New Youtube video: Uni Room Tour/Plant Tour//


  1. 90% of my gal brand is second-hand, and I have to say that most of the time it lasts longer than the things I buy brand new in Western stores! I'd love to delve more into charity shops, especially now that I am more aware of how bad for the environment fast fashion is. Thank you so much for sharing your tips!

    1. I'd love to try gal fashion one day, and second hand is probably the way to go in case it really doesn't suit me, ahah :) Charity shops are so good though! You definitely have too rummage around more but there are definitely hidden gems in there :)


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