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Wednesday 3 October 2018

Things I did in fourth year of Uni

house party photo
It's been about two months since I finished uni, so for the memories I wanted to write up a little round up post of my best memories from last year! Lots of these photos are a bit blurry and not #aesthetic buut I think it will be so nice to look back on this and I really want to document all the fun things I got up to! This post is v picture heavy, sorry!


I actually went out quite a lot (ok, not a lot a lot, but) this year, for me anyway. One of my biggest regrets I have about uni, specifically first year, is that I didn't really go out a lot, and spent a lot of time studying. Studying is good, but this year I managed to get more of a balance.

I went to gigs:
The Aquabats!  on stage

Don Broco on stage

fizzy blood on stage

guitar wolf on stage

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on stage

Sasha Velour and James St James on stage
Neon sign at Headrow House Leeds

group photo at Canal Mills
house parties
group photo at a house party

group photo at a house party

I did loads of socialising with Japanese society too! Had sooo much fun with my gals, and old and new friends <3

girls night out

LEEDS is the best city in the UK

Leeds market view

I started getting super into coffee <3
plants and coffee at cafe 164 in Leeds

coffee and brownies at ls6 in leeds

coffee, doughnut and plants at Temple, Leeds

and I also bought many plants
My plant family- small plants on a shelf
and my room was super cuute! My little oasis! (check out my room tour/plant tour video)

I also kept up my blog (just about)
silver haired girl wearing oversized jumper and fishnets

And reaffirmed my love for #jumpersthatlooklikebusseats and vintage/grunge fashion

lavender haired girl in vintage jumper and round glasses

Got involved with Lippy magazine at uni, and got a bit better at photography and youtube~

My housemates were soo lovely! There were 5 girls, and almost no arguments <3

Blossom and Edward Boyle Library
Job hunting- managed to find a job (in the end)

omg 13000 words is long. But, I wrote my dissertation on fashion, and managed to be pretty original! Go me!
Ninagawa Mika
I met Ninagawa Mika! She was so lovely!

Thank you to all my leeds fam and my real fam <3 You really kept me sane.
And to you, my blog fam <3 <3
As always, thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

I graduated uni ♡ what I wore for Graduation//Long time no #OOTD Double Denim// Silver shampoos reviewed: Bleach London silver shampoo and smoky shampoo vs provoke touch of silver vs lee stafford bleach blondes // New Youtube video: how to dye your hair pink with directions carnation pink//

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