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Wednesday 7 November 2018

Pink hair with Bleach London Rosé Shampoo (review and before and after)

Bleach London Rosé shampoo bottle
So I've had this Rosé shampoo for a while now, and I've got to the end of the bottle as I've been using it pretty regularly- this is possibly the last chance I'll have to do my hair pink for a while, so I made the most of it! The shampoo is a pretty versatile product- you can use it just to warm up your hair, to maintain pink dyed hair or to actually add a light pink tint to your hair.


I used it on silver/white bleached hair:
my silver hair before using rosé shampoo


pink tint from Bleach london Rosé shampoo in natural light

After one wash, the pink tint is kind of visible, but if you use it for about three or four times in a row when you wash your hair, the pink is definitely noticeable. Not as bright as if you'd gone ahead and used a dye, but definitely noticeable. I think it's more noticeable under artificial light:
pink tint from Bleach london Rosé shampoo in artificial light


I've had the pink turn out quite patchy before- the shampoo is pretty pigmented so be really careful that when you shampoo your hair and make sure you're distributing it evenly. Or you can mix it with some normal shampoo so it's a bit less pigmented and easier to apply- this is what I ended up doing a lot because I have no time for patchiness. (One time I basically had an accidental pink fringe when it only took to the fringe and the top of my hair where I'd slapped the shampoo on at the start... not the look I was going for...) It also isn't great at colouring my yellowish roots, although it's not an actual hair dye so maybe I'm asking too much on that front.

I also use this if I've been using too much silver shampoo- my hair sometimes gets a greenish blueish tint if I'm not careful, and Rosé shampoo is great for getting rid of that and warming up my hair a bit.

Although I occasionally use it to add a tint to my hair, I definitely wouldn't recommend leaving it on your hair for too long as it's not a treatment or conditioning vegetable based dye, it's a shampoo that will dry out your hair if you let it. I only leave this on for the time it takes to shampoo my hair, and then rinse it straight out after about a minute. If you really want brighter or longer lasting pink hair, go for Bleach's Rosé dye or something like Directions' Carnation Pink, both of which I've used before and recommend.


pink tint from Bleach london Rosé shampoo in natural light

If you keep using this on white bleached hair, your hair will stay light pink. Otherwise, I've managed to get all the pink colour out in one or two washes with a normal shampoo. If you're really stuck and need to get back to a silver colour fast, I'd use silver shampoo or a clarifying shampoo. But I love using this shampoo for a subtle pink tone that's about as non-commitment as you can get.

Did it stain my hair//

No, but it did take on some parts of my hair more than others, as I mentioned earlier, so I do recommend mixing it with a tiny bit of normal shampoo to help avoid this problem. In general though, I think pink is one of the colours that tends to wash out easier and I've never had a problem getting my hair back to white after using this shampoo.


At £7 per 250 ml bottle, it's not too expensive, as you can colour or add a pink sheen to your hair multiple times, or just use it as a normal shampoo if you've got pink hair already (obviously your £1 supermarket shampoo is cheaper but). It's cheaper to just add some pink dye to your own shampoo, or if you're looking for a brighter pink, to add it to your conditioner or hair mask.

Bleach London Rosé shampoo bottle

I think it was a nice product- quite pigmented and it smells good. I used it all up, which I wouldn't have done if it was a terrible product. I did like this and was glad I tried it, but it's definitely cheaper to make your own. When I use this I always mix it in with a teeny bit of normal shampoo to dilute it, because it's quite pigmented and can leave pink patches if you're not careful. Also, if you're specifically wanting to dye your hair pink, and aren't worried about needing it to be subtle or if you don't need to get back to normal asap, I'd definitely just buy an actual pink hair dye- a lot of them are probably going to be kinder on your hair, compared to a drying shampoo. (check out my post comparing Bleach London's Rosé and Directions' Carnation Pink, both hair dyes I recommend).

But if you want a pink tint to your hair with no commitment, are trying to get rid of green tones in your hair, or have pink hair 24/7 and want to use this to help maintain the colour, I'd definitely recommend this <3

Thanks for reading! Have you ever used pink shampoo?

Edited to add: I repurchased this to help combat green tones in mine and my sister's hair every once in a while. I like having a bottle lying around, it's reassuring...

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