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Monday 26 November 2018

大阪パリピツアー♡// Things I want to do in Osaka

Osaka side street with Daiso and fugu fish signs

So as I said the other day, I'm off to Japan again, and while I'll be based in Shizuoka, I'll be flying in to Osaka- my favourite city ♡
I lived on the outskirts of Osaka for a year on my year abroad, so I have sooo many good memories there. It's been a while since I was there, and I'm sure some things will have changed, but I'm soooooo excited to go back ♡ I'm not going to spend long there this time, so I've made a lil plan so I can hopefully make the most of being in Osaka!

Yodobashi camera// to pick up a sim card and get connected to the internet- essential as I get super lost super easily. I might pick up a paper map of Osaka too tbh.

Shinsaibashi// Namba- South Osaka is my favourite bit of Osaka- it's the place I spent the most time in, so I plan to spend a good while just wandering around and taking some photos :) I'll probably walk down shinsaibashi-suji to Dotombori, which has the most iconic 'Osaka' atmosphere.

As it's my first day back in Japan, it would be rude not to hit up Daiso, and I'll probably just buy a usb plug there- super glam, right?

On the way, I'll probably have a nosy around Hozenji Yokocho, which is a slightly hidden temple- the atmosphere is worlds away from busy shinsaibashi-suji.

I think I'll have street food like takoyaki to eat for lunch (gotta be done) and I also might get something from Kuromon market- maybe even those scary looking mini octopuses on a stick for the 'gram, or some kushi katsu- deep fried skewers, another Osaka specialty.

I also want to try and get to Namba Yasaka Jinja too- I never actually went there last time, but it's a big cool shrine somewhere in Namba.

After lunch, I'll hit up Amemura for some shopping <3 I'll probably go to my fave WEGO and spinns. And then probably on to Horie, where I'll find a cafe to read a magazine and chill for a bit.

For dinner, I definitely want some okonomiyaki and beer! I'll probably hit up Fugetsu, which is a chain of really yummy okonomiyaki restaurants- if I can I'll grab my people watching spot above Dotombori

If I have time I'd love to go back to shinsekai, which is older and a bit more grotty than shiny shiny umeda, but that's probably why I love it a bit more tbh. (not sure if I'll have time again but) I might go to Umeda as well- I did spend a lot of time there too and I want to go back to the old haunts of Hep 5, and also to go find the cool backstreet-y bit again, and maybe go see the Osaka skyline from Grand Front. Although it might be a bit weird to be there alone as I think it's a bit of a date spot ;)

So that's the plan! I'm sooo excited and ofc I'll blog all about where I do end up going!

If you're interested, definitely check out my Japan tag, for every single post I've written about Japan, or my post If you only have a day in Osaka if you want my recommendations for first time visitors ♡ Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo


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