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Thursday 1 November 2018

East London day// Brick Lane vintage kilo sale haul and OOTD

silver haired girl wearing blazer, doc martens and a big scarf in East London
Today is another *flashback* kind of post- I have a fair few outfits and photos from last year that I didn't share as I was too busy dying and trying to wrangle my dissertation... but luckily all that's behind me now, so I'm getting to work on the backlog :) This day was at the end of January, the best part of a year ago(!!) when me and my friend Lizzie had a day in London <3

First up, we hit the department of coffee and social affairs :> the coffee was legit!

flat white from Department of coffee and social affairs
And then we just wandered along Brick lane! I got Lizzie to take some outfit pictures for me <3 

Silver haired girl wearing houndstooth blazer and dr martens
 Jacket// vintage (Sue Ryder, Leeds)
Scarf// present from Stella
Boots// Dr Martens
Shirt// charity shop
Skirt// H&M
Bag// WEGO

Silver haired girl wearing houndstooth blazer and dr martens

Silver haired girl wearing houndstooth blazer and dr martens

Silver haired girl wearing houndstooth blazer and dr martens
 I was really pleased with this outfit actually- the jacket is one I really need to wear more often as it definitely steps up any look. I managed to score this for £12 from the vintage/charity shop Sue Ryder in Headingley, Leeds. (Hit it up if you're in Leeds- the prices are amazing and it's really curated, plus it's for charity!)

After that, we wandered around Brick lane for a bit- hit up some faves like Rokit, and Lizzie showed me her fave vintage shop called Blitz (it's called Attica now)
East London Side Street

Rokit Vintage

Brick Lane graffiti

Brick Lane graffiti

a bicycle at the side of the road along Brick Lane

Blitz vintage shop

Shoreditch street art
 We headed to central London for some fit ramen at Kanada-ya! Would definitely recommend if you're a tonkotsu ramen fan because it was pretty reasonable price, too.
Tonkotsu Ramen at Kanada ya
 Annd here are the things I picked up from Blitz! I swiped them all for a tenner- the shop assistant was v nice and wouldn't let me leave with only one shirt- I originally only wanted the cord one. But actually, they were all solid picks :)
Blitz Brick Lane vintage haul

That's it for now! Also, I seriously miss my long hair... I'm trying to grow it back out, and it has grown a little but it's so thin and ratty compared to how it used to be... so much so that I'm considering cutting it again. I just want that blunt shoulder length cut, but I think it might take some serious doing. Has anyone else tried to grow bleached hair? SOS...
-Amy xoxo

Outfit repeating: Leeds OOTD ft Asos Men's vans, American Apparel and fishnets// Empties 15: Lush, Bleach London, The York Candle Company etc. // My vintage shopping tips//


  1. Ah don't worry - I still use super old photos from like a year ago in recent posts! #thatbloggerlife
    Looks like you had a lovely day out with Lizzie! I seriously need to buy from vintage/charity shops, especially because I've started reading up about sustainable living and fast-fashion... It makes me feel a bit guilty about my shopaholic self!

    1. Ahaha I'm glad I'm not the only one! And I think you're pretty good with fashion tbh! Like you said before, you buy second hand gyaru brand and things~ We all just need to do the best we can but it's no good beating ourselves up! <3 <3


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