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Thursday 8 November 2018

PVMNTS @ Key Club, Leeds 22.05.18

PVMNTS at Key Club Leeds
Soo I went to see PVMNTS with my girls in May, and never got round to blogging about it! It's been a while, so I think I'll keep it short and sweet today!

We caught the last bit of opening band- seemed much more fun live than their music suggested somehow. We'd listened at home, and it seemed a bit like a fall out boy rip off (and I'm not a huge fall out boy fan tbh. Don't @ me.) But you know? I cannot remember their name :') and I can't find it online or on my ticket. So, it's a mystery. They had a lot of energy live.

And then it was time for PVMNTS. In short, PVMNTS wasn't the best band I've ever seen, but they weren't the worst by a long shot, (that dubious honour actually goes to BFS, who were so boring and disappointing compared to baes The Aquabats! it was actually shocking) they were fun! They haven't released thaaat much music, but new song Chem trails is pretty decent, as is their single Jumping stairsets. They played both of those, along with some covers and some of their other songs.
PVMNTS at Key Club Leeds

Key club door
The door of Key Club is such a vibe.

I haven't really been to key club much, but it seems like an ok venue? It was v crowded and the sound wasn't amazing- I don't know whether this is about the venue, or the tech? I am tempted to say it was a tech issue for this gig- and that the mics weren't loud enough, because it was really difficult to hear Freddie's vocals, which is a shame because he's pretty decent.
PVMNTS at Key Club Leeds

Ok, I'm going to come out and say it- although they were a fun time, the audience seemed to be mostly Tyler Posey fans, and their sound was fairly generic pop punk. So they were serviceable (and I do wish the sound in the venue had been better) but I mostly had a good time because I was out with my friends. I'm glad I went though! I've been really spoiled with live music this year, and it's not PVMNTS' fault they weren't up to the same standard as bands that have been performing for years like the Aquabats or Don Broco. PVMNTS do seem to really enjoy performing, and I'm sure they'll only get better with time.

PVMNTS at Key Club Leeds

We went to Karaoke after, and had a great time, so it was a really fun evening overall :) and I'm really glad the gang all went to a gig together.

PVMNTS at Key Club Leeds
They're actually coming to the UK again, including another date at Key Club at the end of November, and tickets are only around £12, so if you like pop punk then definitely go check them out :)

Have you ever heard PVMNTS? Are you a pop punk fan? I'd love to chat about music <3
-Thanks for reading!
Amy xoxo

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