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Friday 8 April 2016

14 ideas to help you start the new term right

So I'm pretty sure it's still the Easter holidays over in the UK, but here in Japan the new term has just started. It's like another clean slate, and if you wanna do well this term, might as well start as you mean to go on, right?
If you can get some good habits in place before the inevitable crush of essays and exam revision hits with full force, you'll thank yourself. Here's a couple of ideas to get you started:

1// Get yourself some nice new stationery

Because who doesn't love stationery? It doesn't have to be expensive (the notebook above is from Daiso, the Japanese equivalent of the pound shop) but something as small as a new notebook can actually make you feel motivated.

2// Get a planner/ calender

Or just use the one on your phone. Either way, write down all of your deadlines and revision schedule, etc. Just do it.

3// Start revising for exams as soon as possible

It sounds boring, and it may well be, but make a revision plan and look at the syllabus to see when your exams and essays will be. Exam revision is so much easier when you're not cramming. 

4// Before each lecture, take a few minutes to skim over last weeks' notes

So you know what's going on, and you can look smart if the lecturer picks on you for a question.

5// Practise self care

I actually wrote a post on basic self care not so long ago, and this is especially important for students. Eat well, drink water, sleep enough and get some exercise.

6// Speaking of sleep, try and go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day

Aim for around 8 hours. I know this isn't always feasible as a student, but lack of sleep can really affect you and it's so easy for sleep to spiral out of control. Try and get a regular sleep schedule on weekdays (or on days when you're not going out) at least.

7// Have a 'maintenance day'

I usually have a day when I'll tidy my room, hoover and do a load of washing once a week. This will help you keep everything in check, and maybe you'll avoid the student cliché of having to buy new underwear because you have no clean ones left. (Although I'm pretty sure we've all been there at some point).

8// Make a resolution to actually read the set reading

I mean some lecturers set mountains to read, but there's nothing worse than turning up to a seminar and not having a clue what you're supposed to be discussing.

9// Make plans with friends at least a couple of times a week

It's tempting to just lay in bed on the internet and 

10// Do some crazy things! 

You're only a student once after all. Travel, go to gigs, dye your hair weird colours, start a band. Do all the things.

11// Start saving a teeny bit each week

Even if it's only a fiver a week, it will soon add up and you can treat yourself to the aforementioned crazy things.

12// If you're not in a club already, join one!

It's good to make some friends outside of your course.

13// Bring lunch to uni

This could save you so much money! Cooking your own food can work out way cheaper and healthier. The same goes for coffee (get a flask) and bottled water.

14// Make sure to reward yourself for your hard work!

I also wrote a post on 13 little ways to treat yourself , even simple things can give you a boost so don't go thinking you need to drop a tonne of cash.

Thanks for reading, hope this was helpful! Good luck to any of you students!
-Amy xoxo

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