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Friday 29 April 2016

Back to pink hair again~ Bleach London Rosé vs Directions Carnation Pink

Bleach London Rose Pastel Pink hair

Spring has truly sprung here in Japan, so I dyed my hair pink again. For some reason, the caretaker and a few of my teachers really like it :)

I used Bleach London's Rosé (£7) to dye it again. I have mixed feelings about it to be honest, and I only use it under very specific circumstances: when I'm not sure how long I want to stay pink for and want to be able to return to blonde or silver easily. Why? Because, as I mentioned last time, it fades really fast. Also, compared to my usual mix of Directions 'Carnation pink' (£4.99) and conditioner, it doesn't leave my hair feeling that nice. It also didn't cover my yellowish roots as well. I went back after a few washes and redid the roots with diluted Carnation pink. That being said, I still use it if I want to be pink for a week or so but don't want to commit to it. I also love the colour! Especially if it's one wash in. Rosé also has the advantage of being already pastel, whereas in the past (way back) I've put the Carnation pink on and it became this highlighter pink colour (that incidentally really didn't fit my style) that wouldn't disappear for weeks (even when it was time to go back to school, whoops). Rosé is also way easier to get hold of, just go to your local boots or superdrug. Directions is available online or in 'alternative' shops, or hair salon supply shops.

The verdict: Which is better?

Both dyes have super different uses. Carnation pink is better for when you want to commit to pink hair, as it's harder to get out of your hair. (It's not impossible though! I'll make a post on how I went from pink to silver without bleaching all my hair soon) If you dilute it with conditioner, it will save you money on maintenance, as I use half a bottle of Rosé every time, compared with only a small amount of directions diluted with conditioner. There's definitely a place for both of them in my hair dye collection though!

Side note: the 'Washed up Mermaid' shade (the gorgeous blue that I did dip dye with last summer) stays in your hair forever, so the Bleach London dyes are clearly not all created equal.
I also think I'll try out the Pastel purple 'Violet skies' when I get home. I've wanted lilac hair for a while but last time I used Directions Plum, it stained my ends green. Maybe it was old, but it's not something I want to risk on my whole hair.

Anyway, here are some pictures of my pink hair, what do you think? I'm always kind of scared to go pink at first (hence always going back to Rosé) but I really like it!

Pastel Pink grunge Rosé bleach London

Do you guys have plans to dye your hair for summer? Or do you have a recommendation for a good brand of pink hair dye I should try?

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo


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