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Thursday 28 April 2016

Mini Nagasaki travel guide: 13 things to with a day in Nagasaki

One Legged Torii Nagasaki
We really didn't have long in Nagasaki, so I thought I'd write a quick post on how we made the most of our day there.

Here's a quick list of 12 things to do if you're in Nagasaki

1// Meganebashi

True to it's name, Meganebashi's reflection in the water makes it look like a pair of glasses!
Glasses bridge Nagasaki Meganebashi

Meganebashi, Nagasaki

2//Nagasaki city centre

Nagasaki is a nice town to visit, and if you go in mid February like I did, you might be able to catch the Lantern festival.

Nagasaki Lantern Festival

3// Inasayama 

We went and saw the gorgeous view of Nagasaki at night
Inasa Yama Nagasaki night view

4//Dutch slope

 This is where foreign merchants used to live, (apart from during Sakoku when they were confined to Dejima island) so there are a lot of different architecture styles there. The mishmash of old western style buildings stand almost side by side with the typical Japanese apartment blocks, which makes the houses on Dutch slope stand out even more.

5// Oura Church

A world heritage site, and the most famous Church in Japan
Oura Church Nagasaki

6// Confucius shrine

This shrine is built in Chinese style and also has a huge museum about Chinese history, full of interesting art and pottery. The architecture is so different to a Japanese shrine so it was really cool to go!

Confucian Shrine, Nagasaki

You should also check out Nagasaki's

7// Chinatown

which is called shinchi chinatown. It's Japan's oldest.

8// Dejima and the Port area

Dejima used to be an island, and it was where the Dutch- who were allowed to do trade with Japan during Sakoku- had to live. 

9// Nagasaki Peace Park

Located a little away from the town centre. The Peace Park's calm atmosphere is tinged by the fact that it was made to commemorate a horrible event, but, as I said when I went to Hiroshima's Genbaku dome, you should visit. Remembering the 1945 atomic bombs is important.
Peace Origami cranes Nagasaki

Nagasaki Peace Park

10// One legged torii

Again, a little way out of town, but striking. Half of this Concrete Torii (Shrine Gate) was destroyed in the bomb blast, and the other half has been left standing as a memorial.
One legged Torii Nagasaki

11//Eat a Castela

Castela are Nagasaki's specialty food, and they're delicious.

12//Go to Gunkanjima

I didn't get to go because you needed to book a boat tour in advance, but Gunkanjima is an abandoned coal mining island off the coast of Nagasaki. It's a world heritage site because at the time, it had the highest population density in the world.

Thanks for reading! I definitely didn't have enough time in Nagasaki and I'd love to go back! One day I'll tick Gunkanjima off my bucket list!
-Amy xoxo


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