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Thursday 21 April 2016

Sakura appreciation post/ Instagram lately

So, it's spring, and I got to see all the Sakura! It was so beautiful! I'm not going to get round to doing proper posts about everywhere I went for a while. But, my Instagram (@candyflossoverkill) is up to date, and lately it's been full of gorgeous sakura.

I've always been a leetle skeptical of the "Sakura hype train" way before Sakura season, Starbucks started putting out their Sakura line, and all the adverts become Sakura themed. But then all the sakura bloomed, and I totally understand what all the fuss is about, oh gosh. There are so many Sakura trees in Japan, it's a really noticeable difference! Sakura everywhere, and everywhere looks gorgeous. I was so worried about whether I'd be able to get any decent pictures, but luckily I did, so it was ok. 

Some of the places I went to Hanami at:

  • Maruyama park
  • Philosophers path
  • Toji
  • Yoshinoyama
  • Nanzenji had some nice Sakura
  • (Walk from Nanzenji to keage was lovely)
  • Hiroshima castle grounds 
Here's a few of the pictures from my Instagram:

Yoshinoyama Sakura
Yoshinoyama, Nara

Toji Kyoto Sakura

Sakura Kyoto Toji
Toji, Kyoto
Philosophers path sakura Kyoto

Sakura Kyoto
Philosophers path, Kyoto 
Hiroshima Castle grounds

And I didn't get to go to them, but these places are meant to be great too:

  • Himeji castle 
  • Banpaku kinen koen
  • Osaka castle 
  • Osaka Mint
Also lastly, the Sakura on campus at Osaka Uni were lovely! They were possibly my favourite out of all the Sakura I saw to be honest.
Thanks for reading! I've got a few more posts to write up before I get to the Sakura, but I have some awesome pictures to show you all, so stay tuned! 
-Amy xoxo

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