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Sunday 24 April 2016

Night cityscape at Inasayama, Nagasaki

Inasayama Nagasaki
After we left Hiroshima, we went to Nagasaki, Kyushu. We got there by shinkansen, and then the 'Kamome' special express train. Expensive, but so fast!

After we got to our hotel, we decided to go into Nagasaki and check out Inasayama, as the view of Nagasaki is supposed to be amazing. It didn't disappoint! Nagasaki is a long, thin city in a valley, and all the lights make it look like the milky way.

First, we went into Nagasaki itself, and there was a lantern festival on so we got to see the last of that. Then, we went on a bus to the bottom of the Inasayama cablecar. The cablecar was about 1200 yen for a round trip.

It's really hard to get a good picture of a cityscape at night, and I'm no pro photographer, so apologies in advance for the photos. Also it was freezing February, and started to rain, so we weren't overly keen on sticking around, You'll just have to go and see it properly for yourself!

If you do get to go, I'd really recommend going at night, The view of Inasayama is meant to be one of the best night views in Japan!

Lanterns Nagasaki

Inasayama Nagasaki view

Inasayama Nagasaki night
 Blurry DSLR photos. If you're serious about getting a good shot, I'd recommend bringing a tripod or monopod.

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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