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Monday 29 August 2016

Japanese brush pen eyeliners: Dolly wink vs sailor moon

Japanese brush pen eyeliners: Dolly wink vs sailor moon
I didn't buy too much makeup while I was in Japan (such restraint) but there were two products I was really keen to get my hands on: the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner in deep black, and the Creer Beute Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eyeliner. I was curious about the hype around the Dolly Wink one, and I've heard a few people describe it as a 'holy grail' product of theirs.

So the first difference between the two was: I'd bought the Dolly Wink liner because I'd heard lots of good things about it, whereas I basically bought the sailor moon one for the packaging. To be fair, I wasn't expecting anything from the sailor moon one- I thought it was just a gimmick and the actual product would be terrible, but I 'm happy to say that I was wrong. It's actually a really good brush pen liner.

Honestly, both of these products are really similar, but I slightly prefer the Dolly Wink one. The brushes are very similar, but the Sailor Moon one is slightly longer, which makes it a little harder to work with for me, but it's still easy enough. Both of them can get a really thin point at the end of your liner. Another thing to mention is that neither of them are that waterproof, so they don't last as long as other things I've tried. Like real felt tip pens, they  need to be stored flat or brush end down, especially when they get to the end (my Dolly Wink one is nearly done but I am determined to use every last little bit of it...).

Sailor Moon eyeliner
Here's what it liner looks like on: it's super easy to get a nice wing, even for a clumsy person like me. If you have trouble with liquid eyeliner usually, I'd definitely recommend trying a felt pen or a brush pen liner. You can get a thicker line like I have, but you can also use less pressure to get a really thin precise line too. I'm wearing the Sailor Moon liner, but they legit look exactly the same on.

Price wise in Japan: the Sailor Moon one was 1200 yen I think, and the Dolly Wink one was 1600 yen. Even though the Dolly Wink one was more expensive in Japan, personally I'd still go for it over the sailor moon one. It was just that little bit easier to use for me.

For my UK peeps, the Dolly Wink one is available on Amazon for £12, which is a price I'd still happily pay, and I'll definitely be repurchasing this as mine looks like it's gonna run out soon, cry (I've been using it pretty much every day for 6 months or so). You can get the sailor moon one on Amazon too, but it's a little pricier at £22. Still, it's adorable and a really good liner, so I won't rule out repurchasing it if I can find it a little cheaper.

Japanese eyeliners

Dolly wink vs Sailor Moon Eyeliner

Dolly wink sailor moon eyeliner

Thanks for reading! Do you guys have any brush pen liners that you really like? I've heard great things about the supercat liner from soap and glory, and of course the Kat von D tattoo liner, but I'd love to know you guys' faves :) Anything I try now have got a hard act to follow tbh! -Amy xoxo


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