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Tuesday 16 August 2016

My minimal year abroad makeup collection

Youtube and the blogosphere is full of tonnes of huge makeup collections. so I thought I'd show the opposite end of the scale and talk about my fairly minimal stash from this year. I also wanna point out that I'm not an actual minimalist, I was in Japan and my aim for this year was to try and not buy too much stuff because I'll have to ship it halfway round the world back to the UK. I didn't want to buy a tonne of stuff in Japan that I couldn't take home, but I did want to try a few new things and have fun~

 So my whole stash this year fitted into these two little drawer dividers, or one makeup bag.

 This was my everyday face. I also wore the Kosé sunscreen- that I mentioned in my Japanese skincare post- everyday.

A few extra eye products:

Lip products:

Nails! I did buy a fair few nail varnishes over the year, but because I only had about 4 at a time I actually managed to use a few up this year. Does anyone else feel a huge sense of achievement when they use up a product?

Stuff I bought in Japan:

Waterproof Mascara//  Maybelline
Eye shadow palette// Kate Tokyo
Red nail polish// Kate Tokyo
CC Lip balms// Kate Tokyo
Nail base coat// Seria (100 yen store)
White eyeliner// Majolica Majorca
Pink gloss bar// Tonymoly
Brush pen liners// Dolly Wink and Sailor moon
Powder// Revlon Colour stay
Lip and cheek gel// Canmake
Red lip gloss// Jelly magazine x Emoda
Eyelashes// Dolly Wink

Stuff I bought from the UK:

Concealer// Rimmel Lasting Finish concealer (as recommended by the amazing Zoe London <3)
Mascara// No7
Blue matte nail varnish// Topshop
Orange lipstick// Topshop
Vaseline Limited edition
Black eyeliner pencil// Miss Sporty
Eyebrow pencil//unknown
Eyeliner sharpener// Shout magazine from like 2003... (p.s. does anyone else remember Shout magazine? I need to get a new sharpener, this one has definitely seen better days...)

What do you guys think counts as 'minimal'? Are you a fan of huge makeup collections (because personally... Kate La Vie's collection is #goals) Or do you try and keep it minimal?
Super excited to go back and buy a tonne of things back in the UK, so stay tuned for a UK beauty/ skincare haul~
-Amy xoxo

P.s. sorry it's all so worn and messy... just keeping it real here guys, haha.

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