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Thursday 4 August 2016

Osaka adventures: Amemura and manga cafe

Mandarake Amemura
I hadn't been to Amemura in a hot minute, so I decided to drag my friend Emily down and we spent the day there and in the shinsaibashi area. Amemura is sometimes compared to Osaka's version of Harajuku, and it's full of cute, more individual shops. It's definitely super trendy, and one of my favourite places in Osaka. It's also way way less touristy than Harajuku which is a massive bonus from my point of view.

We headed to the huge SPINNS in amemura (basically it's a must-go for me if I'm in the area), and another one of the shops we went into was Funky fruit, and the shop staff street snapped me! It was so cool, but I wasn't expecting it at all so I looked super grumpy in the picture. Like, it's funny how pissed off I look. Maybe it makes me look cooler? ;) Still, pink hair x red heart sunglasses for the win! I love those sunglasses. My Amemura OOTD:

We also went to the huge Mandarake (manga/ anime/ cosplay/ idol goods) there too, and the 'exciting book store' Villiage Vanguard- I think I bought FRUiTS magazine. Villiage vanguard basically sells everything, handily curated into sections based on aesthetic. They sell idol goods (, manga, hair dye, kitch 90s toys, stationary... Everything. It's so hard to go in without buying something.

It was Tuesday, so we had crepes in Shinsaibashi at Crepe Ojisan in Shinsaibashi. Tuesday is 'crepe day there' so you get a lil discount. I actually found out that that store is gonna close soon though! So check out their other stores in Hep 5, Odaiba and probably a tonne of other places for yummy crepes. After that we went and took Purikkura.
If you wanna see what I bought, I actually included it in the stuff in my spring Jfashion haul post a while back~Amemura

Amemura street lights

Another day, me and Emily headed out to a manga cafe called Media Cafe Popeye. Its a chain, and they have tonnes of stores in Osaka and all over Japan. We went to one in the Namba area, but apparently there's another one close by which has more ladies-oriented manga.
Manga cafe Japan
It was a quiet, small-ish cubicle with a padded floor and a computer. They had a tonne of manga spread around. One thing that bothered me a tad was that you could smoke in there- so much like in a game center, it hurts my throat to be in there too long. I'm super not used to being in smoky environments though, so other people are probably fine. I was really happy with how much manga they had, I spent the whole time (I think we spent three hours) reading slushy shoujo manga and then Jojo. They even had magazines there too.

You can book individual rooms, couple rooms, or even just a chair! Me and Emily went for a two person room, and I think we paid around 1500 yen for three hours. Check out their website for prices and locations.

I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was! I had read some pretty horrible reviews of manga cafes online, but my experience was great. I think it might be a bit small to sleep in, but you could in a pinch I guess. I think it also might get noisier at more busy times, so keep that in mind too.

We found these adorable Hello Kitty construction posts in Shinsaibashi. I'm gonna miss stuff like this omg. 
Hello Kitty Japan
We found the legendary table flipping arcade game! (in the Sega arcade in Shinsaibashi, if you're curious). It was fun, but in a "wow this actually exists lol Japan things" rather than actually being fun to play.

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-Amy xoxo

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