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Wednesday 31 August 2016

Back to the UK beauty/ skincare/ hair products haul

Back to the UK beauty/ skincare/ hair products haul

Japan has some really nice beauty products (see some of my Japanese skincare faves) but I was excited to be able to buy some of my favourites once I'd got back to the UK. I went to Boots, and I went a little crazy, so here's my haul of beauty products I've bought since I got back~
UK skincare haul drugstore

First thing I picked up was my favourite skincare products. My skin has calmed down a lot since I was younger, (although it wasn't beautiful in high-humidity Japan) and I'm pretty low maintenance with skin care to be honest. I use the Simple products every day, and I've picked up the Garnier Micellar water to try because I've heard it's a good alternative to the Bioderma one I used in Japan. The Boots clay mask is also cheap and cheerful, but it works! I also picked up the Soap and Glory Supercat liner as a back up for when my fave Japanese brush pen eyeliners run out.

bleach london tressemé crazy color haul

I went completely mad with buying hair products, whoops. I did find some Japanese hair products that were good for my damaged hair but I have my faves sussed in the UK. I bought a couple of hair masks- the Tressemé one was reduced to something crazy like £2 and I wanted to try out the Resurrection mask. I also may have got slightly carried away by how cute Bleach London's packaging is. I needed to quickly grab a hair bleaching kit (£7), and I also wanted to pick up my bae Bleach London's silver shampoo- at £6 it's pricier than the pro-lights one I was using but it's so much more pigmented so you don't need to use as much.

I am so in love with my silver hair at the moment, but I do want to play around with some other colours at some point- I picked up Rosé to hopefully knock out any green or cool tones in my hair (plus it's a gorgeous colour, even if it only lasts a couple of weeks) and I really want to try purple or lavender hair soon as well. I have so many choices now! I did go a bit too crazy buying the Bleach London dyes (£5 each) but I know washed up mermaid sticks around in the hair forever so hopefully violet skies will too. I'm also super curious to try out the lavender from crazy color- the only other dye of theirs I've tried (way back in the orange/ginger haired days) tended to stain my pillow cases so I'm a little worried, but it was only £4.50 and I'll just have to be careful to rinse it out carefully.

UK hair products haul

After I'd bought and used the Bleach Kit (it worked pretty well, but I think I needed to leave it on a little longer), I headed to my local hairdressing supplies shop and picked up a huge tub of bleach powder (£4.35) and developing solution (£9.95). Buying bleach and developer from a hairdressing supplies shop, or Sally's is easily the most cost effective way to bleach your hair- this stuff should last me ages and was basically as much as buying two or three bleach kits from the shops. The tint brush and bowl pictured are from the same shop, but I've had them for years. They were only about a pound each, but I think you can even get them from Primark now.

Hopefully this not so little haul should do me for skin and hair care for a while! Thanks for reading~
-Amy xoxo


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