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Monday 1 August 2016

Ready to go home?

Exam season has just finished here at Osaka Uni (and it dragged on for over a month thanks to the JLPT). I've done my last exam, but now I'm tired, it's so hot here, and I've caught myself wondering "maybe I just want to go home already".

I'm so done with uni- the term here is really long: Spring term was from April to August.  Class is finally gonna be finished on Wednesday though.

What is really making things bad is how hot it is here: it was 34 degrees today, and the humidity is always high too. I'm British so I'm reaaallly not used to this kind of weather, and going outside makes me feel sick tbh. Japanese summer gets a big fat nope from me- I can't stress how much I hate this weather :') The heat- and maybe exam stress- has made it pretty hard for me to sleep recently too, which has probably made me feel a lot more anxious than usual. I'm also finding it so hard to stick to a healthy diet- veggies are expensive af here, which could also be contributing to my sluggishness.

One thing about the year abroad is that there is so much pressure: I still want to study hard and get the best grades I can, but if you're not having fun and travelling all the time you feel like you've failed slightly. Or at least, I do. It's been exam season so I've barely been out at all, and I didn't get to see my boyfriend for three months, ugh. (I saw him this weekend in Tokyo though <3)

So am I done? Am I ready to go home? No way!
I am excited for some things back home. people to see and places to go,  but there's so much I still wanna do here! For the last couple of weeks, I wanna spend my free time in my beloved Osaka and explore and have fun. Japanese cities are so great, and every time I go to town I'm so happy.

So basically no I don't want to go home, but I have no choice so I've just gotta hang tight and enjoy my last couple of weeks here in spite of the weather :) So enough moaning from me: I'm free and I'm gonna get out while I can, and usual sparkly content shall resume shortly <3

Thanks for reading! Have y'all got any fun plans over the next couple of weeks?
-Amy xoxo

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