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Wednesday 21 September 2016

Treat yo' self haul: Lush and T2

I haven't been into Lush since I got back to the UK, and I wanted to grab some nice products before uni, so of course I ran straight into Lush to pick up some new products. I also got treated to a new tea from T2.

Beautiful shower gel// This smells absolutely amazing- a little bit goes a long way and although the medium bottle is expensive at nearly a tenner, it will last for months and brighten up my day each time. There's cute coppery- gold glitter in it (it washes off though, don't worry) and it smells of myrrh, apricot and peach- divine! It still smells a little citrus-y, so it's perfect for a morning shower, but it's not as intense as super-grapefruit-y happy hippy. I love this shower gel so much omg. Just go smell it next time you're in Lush. No exaggeration, it makes me feel like a princess every morning.

Daddy-o Purple shampoo// I'm excited to try out Lush's silver shampoo after Sarah from see the stars mentioned it recently. It's quite expensive at £5.75 for only 100g of product, but hopefully it will be good. It has got some really stiff competition in Bleach London's silver shampoo, which is my current fave. Daddy-o does smell gorgeous, with a salon/ violet-ish scent. I'll report back on how effective this is when I go back to silver hair, so stay tuned :)

Ocean salt face and body scrub// I needed a new exfoliator, and I wanted to be sure to pick one up without microbeads in, so I definitely wanted to try this one from Lush. It is quite a scrubby scrub, if that makes sense- you can really feel the salt crystals on your face- so I'd be gentle with this and only use it once a week or so. I haven't tried it out on my body yet, but as it is so scrubby I think it should do a good job. It is self preserving, so you don't need to worry about trying to use it up within a month or anything like that. Also I didn't want the salt to dry out my face, so I made sure to wash it off super carefully. It smells absolutely gorgeous, of coconut and lime, and it made my face so so soft when I tried it. Seriously, I couldn't stop touching my face later. I really noticed a difference after I'd used this, so I would recommend it to anyone who's looking for a microbead-less exfoliant. At £8.50 for 120g, it's not the cheapest exfoliator I've ever tried, but it does the job really well, and as it's self preserving and you only need a little, it should last a while.

Sencha and peach tea// I also went to T2, which is a suuuper swanky tea shop. If you're looking for presents for people, T2 have got you sorted- they do a million different types of tea, from your more average black, white or green tea, to imported blends from China, Japan, Turkey and loads of other places. They also do tonnes of bizarre flavours like apple crumble (delicious) and creme brulée. My friend Tasha kindly gave me one, and I opted for Sencha (Japanese Green Tea) and peach. Yum. This is a loose leaf tea, so you need to use a tea strainer with it, but it tastes amazing. T2 let you try all their tea instore (I must have tried about 8 the other day) and they also sell tonnes of cute tea cups, tea strainers and related paraphernalia.

Thanks for reading! Sorry for the slow updates lately, I've moved back to the UK and I'm back at uni now, so hopefully I should get back on track soon. Stay tuned for more regular content ^^

-Amy xoxo

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  1. Aaaaah I love Lush so much and this is such a great haul! I had no idea they did a silver shampoo though, I must try it out! <3

    1. Lush is so great isn't it? The silver shampoo is pretty good so far, it's a pinkier purple shade than the one I usually use and it smells amazing! I'd definitely pick it up just for the smell, haha (^O^)/


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