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Wednesday 28 September 2016

Going up the Tokyo Sky Tree

Tokyo Sky Tree
It's been over a whole month since I moved back to the UK after my study abroad in Osaka, and I'm a bit heartbroken, to put it mildly. I love Leeds, but Japan was just so... Japan-y, you know? Anyway, I've still got a tonne of pictures to share and places to recommend to you guys, so I'll pick up where I left off- when I was in Tokyo visiting. After we visited Harajuku and the amazing Kawaii Monster Café (a must-do if you're in Tokyo) we went to the Tokyo Sky Tree. It's one of the tallest towers in the world, I believe, and it was pretty impressive. I think it's actually a huge telecoms mast. It was also pretty expensive for Japan, where tourist attractions typically cost 800 yen or less, this was 3000 yen each if you wanted to go to the higher of the two observation decks. 

Tokyo Sky Tree

The view was awesome, even on a pretty cloudy day like when I went you can see for aaages. Of course, getting good pictures at night is super hard without a tripod and super long exposure, and I only snapped a few pics on my phone anyway. On the lower deck, there was also an animation projected on the glass with a live performance (it was about window cleaners, but it was fun. There were saxophones involved.)

And the view from the upper deck was pretty cool too! Although it's worth noting that it's not thaaat different to the lower observation deck, and the windows made it harder to get good photos from there.

Also, how cute are the Sky tree mascots?
Overall, I had a cute date at the Sky Tree and I would recommend going! I think the view (and certainly the photos) might be better during the day. Although I never got to the Tokyo tower, I think that one is also worth doing and I think it's also cheaper, and you can also go up the Metropolitan building in Shinjuku for a totally free view of the Tokyo skyline too. 

After the sky tree, we headed over to Asakusa and checked out Sensouji at night, which was actually really cool! Stay tuned for a post on that~
-Amy xoxo


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