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Thursday 29 September 2016

Bleach London's Violet Skies: mini review and hair update

Bleach London Violet Skies review

Violet skies

I tried out a new hair colour this week- violet. I'd had a teeny bit of violet in my hair before in my My Little Pony multicoloured dip dye, but I'd never done the whole head violet. I'm super pleased with it so far! I chose Bleach London's violet skies because: it looks pretty, and I hoped that because it's pastel, it would fade out fairly quickly (in case I hated it) and not leave a blue or green stain in my hair.

lilac hair
The end result was a lot patchier than I've had with their dyes before, it could be my fault for not using enough product but I haven't had this problem with their other dyes. In the end I redyed it with the small amount I had left over. It also left my hair feeling pretty dry, (I think you can see in these pictures) which is another reason why it's probably better to just get a darker colour and dilute it with a deep conditioner or hair mask.

light purple hair

In terms of longevity- it lasted about as long as it said it would. I dyed my hair just before coming up to Leeds, and my hair faded back to silver in 4 washes (apart from a couple of teeny patches by my ears). Bleach London's Rosé also doesn't last too long, but do bear in mind that Washed Up Mermaid will literally cling on for dear life in your hair for months, so they're not all made equal. Also, one time I tried washing my hair with silver shampoo, which I thought would help prolong the violet colour, but it just made it go a lot bluer. I'll be sticking to my trusty Tressemé colour protect shampoo and conditioner for now. I am so so happy it didn't stain my hair though! A+ for that, honestly.

violet hair

Bleach London violet skies
It's £7, and depending on your hair length you might need more than one bottle. 

One thing to note about this dye is that it is a very pale pastel, which will wash out it in 2-10 washes. Washing out quickly is good for if you want to change your hair colour a lot- or for something like a summer festival, but it means that you'd need to redye your hair more so it would be pretty bad value for money long term. I also used up almost a whole bottle when I did mine, and my hair isn't particularly thick or long, plus I didn't put much on the ends as I was going for more of a gradient effect. If you have long hair, you might be looking at using two bottles. Again, not the best value for money. It would be cheaper to dilute a darker dye with conditioner. I want to do that again, but I need to find an alternative to Directions' Plum- it left a bluish green stain to my hair which were a pain to get rid of (my best plan is to dye over it with a pink like Bleach London's Rosé or diluted Directions Carnation Pink, any other bright ideas?)

 It's perfect for what I wanted- to experiment with a new colour. It looked cute, and was a fun change, but it washed out painlessly and didn't stain my hair. I'll definitely pick it up again next time Boots do a 3 for 2 offer on Bleach products, because it was a nice change and I think it suited me. But if you're looking for a longer term violet, I'd try and dilute a darker coloured dye because it's cheaper and will probably last longer.

Thanks for reading! Have you got a favourite hair dye brand? Also, what colour should I go next?
-Amy xoxo

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  1. I love that pastel color. It looks great on you! I just discovered your blog by the way. It's awesome!


    1. Ahh thank you! And I'm so glad you like the blog <3 <3


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