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Thursday 20 October 2016

Asos haul: glittery dinosaurs and Grace Neutral

Recently I've dabbled in clothes shopping online, and I thought I'd show some of the pieces I bought from ASOS while I was in Japan. I'm always a tad wary of shopping online, but I really wanted some over the knee socks, and I wouldn't get anything that was long enough in Japan. So I bought the socks... along with a couple of other pieces too :)

Motel Grace neutral dress
This dress is something I've been eyeing up from absolutely ages: it's from the Motel x Grace Neutral collection, and I've wanted one of their pieces ever since Amy Valentine and Zoe London blogged about it last year. The original price of this dress was £28, and while it's not too bad, it's a little over what I'd usually spend (poor student, remember?)

Anyway, so after a few months, I was aimlessly scrolling on asos as you do, and up popped "the dress" for only £18 so of course I had to snap it up. I also popped in these dinosaur socks (£3.50) because worldwide shipping (even here to Japan) is free if you buy over £20 worth of stuff. The dress is such an eye catching print, and I love the low back and the straps. It's a really nice shape too. The material is a little clingy, but it feels really nice on. It was a bit too low cut for Japan, but I loved wearing it in the UK summer. The white version of the dress is still available for £14 on asos, and Motel have some of the other pieces left on their website.

Asos sparkly dinosaur socks

Asos sparkly dinosaur socks

The socks are the bomb, oh gosh. I love sparkly things, dinosaurs and printed socks, so they really are perfect. Like a lot of glittery things, they slightly have the texture of a washing up sponge, so you might want to wear them over a pair of tights. The dinosaur ones are sold out. but guys, I found ones with unicorns on instead.

I also bought a pack of two pairs of over the knee socks from a brand called Gipsy- they were a tad pricy at 2 pairs for £7 but they are sooo worth it- they are long enough for me (170cm tall) and they haven't lost their elasticity. I wear these all the time, this OOTD was from when I was in Tokyo with my family. The 2 pack isn't available any more, but you can get packs of one pair for £4.
 Do you guys like ordering clothes online? I see tonnes of stuff I like, but I'm always worried about it not fitting me... Any tips? 

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo
 Don't forget to check the Fashion tag for OOTDs, hauls and wishlists ;)

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