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Friday 14 October 2016

Sushi, Odaiba and the Daikanransha

Odaiba Rainbow ferris wheel
After we got back from Takao san, we decided to get food and then go out to Odaiba for a little bit of a date evening. Odaiba is fairly famous for being a dating spot and was full of couples when we went. I had a great date there- 100% would recommend.

View of the Docomo building from our Airbnb- we were in the best location, seriously. We also saw these cute Hello Kitty construction posts near Shinjuku. I loved these so much. Just Japan things, am I right?
Hello Kitty Japan

We went for sushi at Hamazushi in Takadanobaba- it was pretty cheap conveyor belt stuff, but it was so good!


And then we were off to Daiba! It took a fair while to get there from more central Tokyo, but I think it was worth the trip. Also the station there was called the Tokyo teleport station- how cute? Daiba feels so weird, because it's super artificial and fake, and also pretty 90s?  I really liked it, and I had a great date there <3 We went there to see the view of Tokyo and the rainbow bridge at night, which was so pretty~

I became slightly obsessed with ferris wheels while I was in Japan, and so I wasn't gonna pass up a chance to go on the daikanransha with bae. But before that, we had a little wander round Odaiba.

We got to the artificial beach (so cool) and there were loads of benches with a view of rainbow bridge. You can also just about see Tokyo tower behind the bridge:

We then wandered back round to the daikanransha, passing the Fuji TV building, a mini statue of Liberty, and of course the famous life sized gundam statue on the way.

Going on a ferris wheel is one of the cliché things to do on a date in Japan, so we went on the Daikanransha. It was really nice, and I think it was worth the wait. 
Odaiba ferris wheel

Tokyo view daikanransha

Odaiba Rainbow ferris wheel
After the Ferris wheel, we took some puri together and ate pancakes! Perfect date <3
Thanks for reading~


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