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Sunday 2 October 2016

Asakusa and Sensouji at night

Sensouji at night
A really cool way to experience tourist destinations- and see them when they're a little quieter- is to go at night. I went to Fushimi Inari Taisha at night with my sister in April, and it was so surreal- so much quieter than in the day, very picturesque and a little creepy. It was awesome, so we decided to stop by Asakusa and see Sensou-ji at night on the way home from Tokyo Sky Tree. It wasn't as creepy as Fushimi Inari, but it was still so weird to see Sensou-ji at night without all the crowds of people that are usually there. 

The first thing we came upon is Sensouji's famous Kaminarimon, or lightning gate. 
Kaminarimon Sensouji

Sensouji at night Kaminarimon
This street is lined with shops selling tonnes of great souvenirs and there were tonnes of people even when I went there on a rainy day. Weird and cool to see it so quiet.
The back streets around Asakusa look awesome, I wish I'd had longer to just wander and take photos.
Asakusa at night

Asakusa is actually pretty near the sky tree, and it looks really imposing from so near.

When we arrived at Sensouji, all the buildings were shut but they were still illuminated. This means you can spot sensouji pretty easily from the sky tree at night too. They turned the lights off at around 11pm though.

Sensouji at night Tokyo

Sky tree and temple Tokyo

Sensouji temple pagoda Tokyo

Sensouji pagoda at night

Tokyo Asakusa at night

Although I think Sensouji is possibly a little over hyped, and definitely way way crowded, (there are so many other cooler temples out there, guys), it's still huge and impressive and definitely worth a visit if you're in Tokyo if you ask me (^O^)/

After our little late night excursion, we and I headed back to our airbnb. I'll be posting about Takao san- where we went the next day- soon~
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

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