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Friday 21 October 2016

Kitty heaven at Gohtokuji, Tokyo

Gohtokuji Tokyo Lucky Cat

Another Tokyo recap post today, and this time it's of somewhere I'd been dying to go to for ages- Gohtokuji.  Its supposedly where the manuki neko (lucky waving cat) originated from, and it has an area filled with tonnes of little cat statues! Pinterest perfect :) 
I actually found out about Gohtokuji from Pinterest, and I definitely wouldn't have found out about it otherwise as it was a little out of the way in Setagaya, so definitely do a quick search on instagram and pinterest when you're planning a trip. 

My friends and I visited on a sun-drenched day in Golden week, so I was glad that the temple grounds were more cool and leafy. Even in Golden Week, it wasn't too busy, and there were some volunteers there who told us a lot about the temple grounds and were super friendly. 


Around the side of the main temple building is the money shot, and the reason this temple had attracted me in the first place: all the Maneki Neko! (the waving/ beckoning cat)This temple is supposedly the 'birthplace' of the Maneki neko, which is why there are so many. 

Lucky cat statues Japan

Gohtokuji Tokyo

Maneki Neko

Lucky cat Gohtokuji Tokyo

Lucky cat Gohtokuji Tokyo

So cute, but something in their eyes is a little creepy too... Also I've only just noticed that one of the kitties has a lil moustache.... perfection.

Maneki neko Gotokuji

You can buy teeny bean sized cats! Sooo cute! 

Gohtokuji temple Japan



The area around Gohtokuji is a residential area, but it was quiet and cute, which made a nice change from central Tokyo! 

Setagaya Tokyo street

Setagaya Tokyo

If you get a chance, definitely drop by Gohtokuji for a relaxing and totally instagram-worthy couple of hours! Although it's a little out of the way, it definitely stands out as one of the nicest temples I've visited, and is worlds away from how crowded Sensouji can get. My only regret is that I didn't take my big camera out to get nicer photos! All the Maneki Neko actually reminded me of all the Daruma dolls at Katsuo-ji in Osaka- that made for amazing photos as well.

After we left Gohtokuji, we headed for the Otaku paradise that is Nakano Broadway, so be sure to stay tuned for a post coming up about that!

-Amy xoxo

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  1. This place looks beautiful, but I understand what you mean about the cats feeling a little haunting, I would have felt like I was being watched the whole time!


    1. It was such a cute little temple! And yeah... there's something about dolls that are really creepy sometimes ^^'' The cats were mostly cute though :)


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