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Monday 20 April 2020

Empties #22 inc Batiste, Simple, Muji

Flatlay of empty beauty products including Muji, simple and clinique skincare

Even though life is kind of on hold, one thing that hasn't changed is that I'm still washing my face haha. Here are some of the beauty products I've used up since I've been back in the UK:

 Stuff from Japan

Muji Face Soap 洗顔フォーム// I tried this foaming cleanser- I liked it but I prefer Muji's cream cleanser to be honest. This one wasn't drying or anything and was pretty nice so I finished it.

Muji high moisture moisturiser// My favourite Japanese moisturiser. Muji skincare is so reliably good to be honest.

Media face powder// I picked this up in the lightest shade but to be honest it was a bit underwhelming- you got a tiny bit of product for your money, you had to buy a separate case (annoying but eco friendly if you find one you like) and it was a bit cakey.
Flatlay of empty beauty products including Muji, simple and clinique skincare

Stuff from the UK//  

Simple hydrating gel cream// I feel like this is smaller than it used to be... sad times. I really like it though- it's not too expensive and seems to agree with my skin.

PS eye cream// This Primark eye cream was a present and it was cool to try but tbh I prefer my normal simple one as this was a bit of a thick consistency. 

Tresémme Biotin Repair conditioner// I love Tresémme and this conditioner was good as expected. Although tbh I think I'll be sticking with the larger 900ml bottles as they're better value for money. 

Dove caring bath// this was another present- wasn't as luxurious smelling  as my fave Lush, but it did the job and was very gentle on my skin. 

M&S Floral Collection Rose shower gel// This was part of a set- I took it on holiday because it's a perfect travel size and it smells amaaazing- quite a strong rose scent so I wouldn't recommend if you're not a fan of heavily scented things.

Sure Cotton Dry stick deodorant// It does the job, what can I say. This is the deodorant I took with me to Japan so I can definitely say it works even in humid disgusting Japanese summer.

Barry M molten Metal nail varnish// can't go wrong with Barry M can you? Proud of myself for using up another nail varnish :) This one was really nice- applied well, came out nice and silver after 2 coats and dried quickly.

Clinique SOS primer// This was part of a Christmas set and although it was a great primer, the smell was really unusual and really strong. Would like this a lot more if it was unscented.

Batiste Original Dry Shampoo// this is a staple, I prefer the original scent because some of the others are quite intense. 

Philip Kingsley Elasticiser// This is pricy but so many people with bleached hair recommended this to me that I had to try it, and I think it's become a must have for me now. It's a protein treatment and it's supposed to repair the bonds in your hair. All I know is that it makes my hair feel a lot nicer after I've bleached it. 

That's it for now! Have you guys been buying loads of beauty products in lockdown? I'm trying to use up what I have first, so I'll probably be back with another empties post soonish. I hope you're all taking care and remember self care is super important, whatever form that takes for you!
- Amy xoxo

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