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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Last Japan empties (for now) Empties #21 : Muji, Lush, Clinique, Jelly x Emoda etc.

flatlay of empty products from Muji, Rimmel, Clinique, Emoda and Lush

This is the last couple of empty products I used while I was in Japan- I was trying to use things up so I didn't have to take loads of beauty products home. Most of the things in this are old faves or things I'd really recommend picking up if you're in Japan, so hopefully it's also a little informative?

Muji Moisture milk// I love this moisturiser. There's a more hydrating version (high moisture) which is more expensive, but this one worked great for me.

Muji toning water// again, loved this. You can't go wrong with muji skincare as far as I'm concerned- they don't tend to have loads of fragrance or anything like that, and they do the job without being too expensive. Also that packaging.

Bifesta eye makeup remover// I searched hard for a good eye makeup remover that actually does the job in Japan, and this one was pretty good. It does sting your eyes though.

flatlay of empty products including Muji, Rimmel, Clinique, Emoda and Lush

Batiste dry shampoo// Batiste is a British brand, but they sold this in Loft!! so exciting. Dry shampoo is an absolute necessity for me, especially in Japan in summer when it was so hot and sticky. 

Vivid whip high bleach// This was my favourite bleach I used in Japan- it's a little more expensive than gatsby or palty, but each pack has enough bleach and developer for doing your roots (almost) twice so it works out ok value for money. 

Lush Charity pot// this is my go-to pick me up treat from Lush- it smells great, is super moisturising and all profits go to charity- what's not to love?

flatlay of empty products including Muji, Rimmel, Clinique, Emoda and Lush
These next couple of items were things from the UK:

Germolene// I brought this with me from the UK because it's a local anaesthetic and an antiseptic. I had this for cuts, spots etc. Not particularly glam but I'd recommend bringing stuff like this that you've tried and tested so you don't have to waste money trying to find one that works for you.

Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder// this is my go-to powder and it lasted me nearly the whole year! Cheap and cheerful but does the job, my only complaint is that the packaging is cheap and cracks easily.

Clinique Moisture Surge// I got this as a xmas present and love this- my face always looks better the day after I use it. I'd used it really sparingly over the year and will definitely get this again.

Sure cotton dry deodorant// This was another purchase from the UK- Japanese deodorant is a bit hit or miss so my sister kindly sent this to me.  Although if you're stuck for deodorant in Japan, Nivea does a stick type deodorant that was good for me, and I've also had the AG deodorant recommended (get the silver unscented one, I tried the green 'cool citrus' one and it smells very strong and kind of like gone off, minty lemon??? Disgusting)
empty emoda x jelly makeup palette

The last two empties were both freebies from Jelly magazine: 

Nudie Palette// This was a freebie, but I loved every colour in it- the cream highlighter was amazing and all the eye and lip colours were really wearable. I always really rate Jelly's freebies and would recommend picking the mag up if you see it :) I'd used up over half of the palette so I decided to just take out the unfinished colours so I didn't have to take the whole thing home. 

Jelly moisturising highlight// This was one of two highlighting sticks- this one was like a lip balm type deal which you could also use for a subtle glow. I used it non stop for like a month. 

That's it for now! Thanks for reading as always and loads of love guys, stay safe <3 <3 
-Amy xoxo


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