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Monday 6 April 2020

All 41 hair dye posts I've written in 7 years of blogging

Bleach London Rosé shampoo bottle

I've had more traffic than usual recently (because everyone's hanging out on the internet) and in particular, my youtube videos about dying your hair have been getting lots more views than usual!
I mean are you even on lockdown if you haven't given yourself a drastic makeover? I know I've dyed my hair and cut a v short fringe... I'm just using hair dye I had already at the moment, but I'm thinking of trying a cheerful yellow?

Obviously not everyone is lucky enough to be able to stay at home, and not everyone can dye their hair, but if these hair dye posts can be useful to anyone or brighten up anyone's day, that would be great! And also I AM NOT A HAIRDRESSER so pls cut/ dye your hair at your own risk and make sure to follow the instructions!!!! And also some of these posts are v old so don't judge me pls thx x

Dying your hair// My Youtube Videos:

My hair dye reviews// 

Bleach London Rosé shampoo bottle


Schwarzkopf Live Steel Silver 098 review and before and after

The best grey hair dye?!! Makki professional colouring mask in grey review and before and after

Silver toners reviewed: Wella T18 versus Colour Freedom's white blonde

Bleach London Fade to Grey vs Makki grey vs Schwarzkopf 098 Steel Silver: Which grey hair dye is the best? 

Silver shampoos reviewed: Bleach London silver shampoo and smoky shampoo vs pro:voke touch of silver vs Lee Stafford Bleach Blondes

Bleach London Fade to Grey grey toner review and before and after 

Colour Freedom Misty grey review and before and after

Manic Panic Virgin Snow white toner review

DIY silver shampoo


Pink hair with Bleach London's Rosé shampoo (review and before and after)

Hair update: Pink again (with Bleach London Rosé) 

Barely there pink hair with DIY pink shampoo 

Hair update: pink tinted unicorn hair with Bleach London

Back to pink hair again: Bleach london Rosé vs Directions Carnation Pink

Pastel Pink hair again

How to maintain pastel pink hair

Pink hair and mini Bleach London Rosé review

Lavender/ Lilac// 

Directions Lavender// Review and before and after

Crazy Color Lavender review and before and after 

L'Oreal Colorista washout in Lilac review and before and after (2018 re-review)

L'Oreal Colorista washout in Lilac review and before and after

Bleach London's violet skies: mini review and before and after


Bleach London bold as brass/ review and before and after

Hair update: Blue to Purple dip dye

Blue dip dye and Bleach London's Washed up mermaid review

hair products flatlay featuring Bleach London Shampoos, hair treatments and a string of hearts plant

My bleached hair routine/ Hair care miscellaneous// 


My Bleached hair routine (updated) 

I finally got my bleached hair to grow by doing the one thing everyone says to do 

Why it's important to touch up your roots every 4-6 weeks

My emergency bleached hair plan and mini wish list/ haul 

How to remove hair dye stains 

Bleaching your roots at home: My advice

Looking after bleached hair: my haircare routine (2017 ver)


My Bleached hair care routine in Japan (updated)

Bleached hair care in Japan: my damaged hair routine

Having unnatural hair in Japan: how people react 

Having unnatural hair in Japan part 2// bleached blonde hair at work

Where to buy unnatural hair dye in Japan

How I turned my hair from pink to silver (how to fade out pink hair with minimal damage)

Thanks for reading!! Life is short so why not dye your hair innit :)
Love Amy xoxo


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