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Saturday 30 July 2016

My Post-travel checklist

post travel checklist

After writing about my pre-travel checklist of what I do before I go away, I thought I'd do one for what I do when I get back too. It's a mixture of essentials- like getting a sneaky latergram in- to more productive things like chucking the washing on straight away when you get in. I love to have an early night and chill in bed with a face mask on too.

1//Shower and get into your PJS

2//Chuck on a load of washing straight away

It will make you feel so much better tomorrow

3//Unpack everything fully and put the suitcase away

You don't want it just hanging around your space forever, it's messy and annoying

4//Clean out your handbag

I don't know about you but I tend to accumulate loads of random rubbish when I go away.

5//Give yourself another pamper

I suggested giving yourself a little pamper before you go away, and now I'm suggesting it again: travelling can be tiring so you need to chill out a little. Chuck a face mask on and paint your nails.

6//Catch up on the internet

Post those latergrams of  your holiday, any youtube videos you missed, etc. Or, you know, read a book if you prefer.

7//Get a good night's sleep~

Thanks for reading <3 What do you guys like to do when you get in after a holiday? Also don't forget to check out my pre-travel checklist too (^O^)/
-Amy xoxo

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