Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Empties post #18 products I've used up ft Kosé, Gatsby, Bleach London and Muji

flatlay of empty beauty products including gatsby bleach, muji cleanser and bleach london shampoo
Does anyone else measure the passage of time by how many beauty products they go through? 
It's been another loong gap since I posted on here, and again, I'm coming back with a quick and easy post of some beauty products I've used up. I really really will post something more fashion/japan related soonnn.... but for now: I've been in my job for 5 months!!! My boyfriend came to stay with me in Japan <3 I celebrated my birthday, had an amaazing day modelling for Galfy (check my ig and @galfy.jp for pictures!) and yeah! Busy busy busy...

But anyway, here are some things I've used up recently!

Bleach London Beer shampoo// I have to admit I was pretty underwhelmed by the last Bleach shampoo I tried- the Live forever shampoo, wasn't bad but just wasn't anything exciting- but this one was really nice! Lathers nicely, smells good, and, of course, that packaging <3

Muji facial soap// not normally one for foaming cleansers, but I am sticking with this one- it's cheap, doesn't irritate or dry out my skin and yeah, the packaging doesn't hurt. I am interested in trying Muji's cleaning oil too, and that also comes in this convenient teeny size, so will definitely pick that up. 

Muji moisturiser// This was just a decent moisturiser, absorbed nicely without being too sticky as some other Japanese moiturisers I've tried have been. I got the bigger size of this because I'm going to stick with it for now. 

(not pictured) essential smart repair shampoo// Cheap but doesn't dry out your hair unlike so many other Japanese shampoos I've tried. I'm going to stick with this tbh. 

Essential Rich damage care 30 second hair mask// You know I'm obsessed with this hair mask, I've been through about 5 in as many months. Super rich, makes your hair really smooth and really affordable. The only downside to this range is how un-instagrammable the packaging is! 

flatlay of empty beauty products including gatsby bleach, muji cleanser and bleach london shampoo

Bioderma Micellar water// I bought this for eye make up remover, but I have to say that it didn't do a great job at getting my mascara off and I was kind of put off getting it again for a while, because it's not cheap. 

Hadabisei shinsou bihaku face masks// these were my fave face masks, but I think the formula has changed slightly and there is more liquid in each sachet? At the moment I tend to use the mask one night, and then use whatever is left for another time. (Your girl is cheap, ok?)

Gatsby bleach// This is probably my favourite box bleach I've tried in Japan, although I do think I need to suck it up and go to a hairdresser supply store and get some proper stuff- the box bleach tends to stop at a yellowy colour even if I bleach, wait a week and do another time, which isn't ideal. This one also doesn't come with a hair mask sachet.

Barry M nail varnish in raspberry// I loooved this nail varnish, I wore it so much I actually used the whole thing up! Love it, you can't go wrong with Barry M and I'd definitely get this again once I'm back in the UK.

Omg I need to go and get ready for work now. Battling the feeling of being super behind on *everything* at the moment- I'm also super behind on reading people's blogs too! I've been so tired that I just sleep most of the time I'm not at work... Do any of my *proper grown up* friends have any advice on dealing with work burnout?

Love you guys and catch up again soon! Thanks for reading ♡
-Amy xoxo

Radio silence, again: Three months in Japan // Japan beauty haul ♡ ft my ride or die products from Kosé, muji, hadabisei, lush etc //  Life update: One month in Japan and my new years' resolutions

Monday, 18 March 2019

Radio silence, again// three months in Japan

omoide yokocho in shinjuku tokyo
Hello gang! 
I am so knackered 
Good tired, but tired 

Work has been very intense, with holidays increasingly difficult to take (I’ve had a talk about this with my manager and I’m going to be more pushy about making sure I get all my time off) 

I re did our website at work (which was a big stress and I’m soooo glad its over) and I’m also trying to do the social media 

And another thing thats been taking up a lot of my time is.... I’ve moved house!!!
I was staying with my friend and I’m sooo grateful for how generous they were, but it’s so exciting to have a little place on my own! Rent in the uk is really expensive and there aren’t many studio flats around so living on my own is something that I might only be able to do now! 

I’ve got the bare bones sorted essentially, and ofc I’ll do a room tour when I’m all settled down ❤️

I’ve also managed to see my pals and go out a bit ❤️ bongin (a craft gin shop) and hug coffee are my go- to late night spots at the moment 
I’ve also spent a lots of time walking around shizuoka 
I’ve found *my* coffee shops, and I’ll post about them soon! 
I bought a coffee bean grinder- best investment ❤️
Ate a looot of yummy food- yakitori, unagi, pizza tempura (which was amazing... just amazing) 
Saw the early kawazu sakura and had a little hanami with my friends! 
I went to the shizuoka art museum finally!
The other weekend was the Shizuoka oden matsuri, so of course I went and got some oden and beer ❤️
Been slightly commuting to donki as it’s one of the only shops open after work and cheaper than the conbini (i still need to sort out my diet...)
I went to Tokyo to do a shoot with the street fashion brand Galfy, which was just a dream come true. I’ll share more from that when I’m allowed to,  but let’s just say it was an absolute blast

My boyfriend has come to visit me here in Shizuoka!! Sooo excited!! He’s going to be staying for a good long while, and I’m so ready for lots of cuddles (and also someone to take my outfit photos for me ;) )

And all in all it’s kind of going ok!
How are you guys? 

Stay tuned, because as is obvious from this post, I've got looots of content ideas and now I’ve moved out I’ve got some time to get around to posting it 💖

Also I’m a teeny bit more active on instagram than I am here, so definitely head over there if you’re interested 💖 (@candyflossoverkill)

-Amy xoxo


Thursday, 28 February 2019

My Japan beauty wish list ♡

Street in Shibuya, Tokyo
I was digging through my drafts and I found this post where I'd written my Japanese beauty wish list- I've bought a few, but I think I'll share it anyway. The list includes old favourites I was dying to get my hands on again, plus some products that I keep seeing talked about on youtube and social media. I'm still slightly on the minimal side when it comes to beauty purchases (I still don't have tonnes of money and I hate wasting makeup when it goes out of date) there are a few (ok, a lot) of things on my beauty wishlist for next year.

Heroine make mascara// this is a lot of people's holy grail Mascara, and while I'm a fairly committed Maybelline Collossal lash fan, I'd definitely like to give this a whirl.

Mote Liner// another product that has been v hyped on Japanese beauty youtube lately- I love my Dolly Wink liner (which is something I'll definitely buy again when it runs out) but this one also looks pretty nice. Japanese brush pen eyeliners are worth the hype- I find them sooo much easier than felt pen type liners.

Sunscreen// Japanese sunscreen does not mess about. I've been using Kosé's Suncut sunscreen for the past couple of years- it's quite cheap in Japan, but it has SPF5 pa ++++ and also doubles as a primer. I'm on my third tube of this and I've been importing it to the UK, as it's still cheaper than high end sunscreen here and it's nicer than a lot of cheaper UK sunscreen, which is often sticky and not great.
This sunscreen is something I think I'll give to UK people as a present, because everyone I've lent mine to loves it. ✔️

Kosé Bihaku sheet masks// another product I tried last time, and have been buying even when I'm in the UK. This really does leave your skin looking noticeably moisturised and clearer- it fades scars and blemishes and isn't too sticky and also isn't too expensive- it's kind of middle range.
Sheet masks have recently hit the UK, and I've seen them being sold for like £4 each, so spending like £10 on a pack of 5 (it's cheaper in Japan) to buy it off amazon seems like a fairly good shout tbh. It's only 600 yen for 5 in Japan, too. ✔️

Eyelashes// Last time I bought dolly wink lashes and they're super cute! Although I don't wear them often, I'd definitely pick up another pair.

Contacts// Japan does a huge range of fashion circle lenses, and I tried them once last time, but I'd  really like to try them again.

Muji skincare// Muji's sensitive skin skincare range was my favourite out of the stuff I tried- although I'll be bringing a few skincare things to get me started, I'll might stick with Muji for stuff like cleansers, as I know it didn't break my skin out and it also didn't break the bank. Also, they sell mini versions not just in Muji but also in Family Mart, and I love cute travel sized things :) ✔️

Spot patches// this is more of a k-beauty thing, but it's something I'm v curious about

3CE lipstick// Another K beauty thing, but my local SPINNS stocks 3CE makeup and I'm dying to try some of their lipsticks! I'm trying to be restrained and save money right now, but one day...

Lush// I'm a huge Lush fan, and they have stores in Japan, so I'll definitely be picking up shower gel, along with the occasional bath bomb. ✔️

Hair essentials// I blogged about this brand in my post about Bleached hair care in Japan and I will probably get shampoo and a hair mask from here- a lot of the shampoos I tried last time were quite strong and drying, so it will be good to buy something I trust.✔️

Calatas// this brand do silver shampoo, and I'm interested to try them out (although my faves Bleach London do international shipping so worst comes to the worst I'll just buy that)

Eyeshadow// I really want to pick up another gold eyeshadow- I've used both Kate's diamond eye palette (which was sadly discontinued) and Majolica Majorca's Majolook mini palettes. I used up the lightest colours in both palettes and I'd definitely buy either again.

Majolica Majorca pearl white eyeliner// I always line my lower waterline with white eyeliner to make my eyes look bigger, but this sparkly one from Majomajo was soo cute and I'd love to get it again!

So that's my (huge) wishlist! Do you have a favourite Japanese beauty product? I'd love to get recommendations!
-Amy xoxo

Life update: 1 month in Japan and my New Year's Resolutions// Japan beauty haul: my ride or die products ft. Kosé, Muji, hair essentials// Japan goals ver 2// 

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Empties # 17 Japanese and UK beauty products I've used up ft Muji, Lush the body shop

flatlay of empty beauty products including lush, muji, hair essentials and the body shop

I’ve been completely awol with blogging again, and now it’s nearly march (!!!) 
Like I said last time, working six days a week is intense and I’m just soo tired all the time. I’ve managed to squeeze in some fun things too luckily! 
But for now, it’s time for a good old empties post :)

Muji sensitive toner// I'm really pleased with this, I tried the small version and it did what it was supposed to do so I bought the big version. I’m pretty much sticking with mujis sensitive skin range at the moment because a) the packaging! And b) it seems to be really agreeing with my skin, which is a huge relief

Hair essentials 30 second mask// Obsessed with this, it’s pretty affordable so you can pile on as much as you like. Definitely recommend for anyone with bleached hair- it makes your hair so soft! 

Maybelline colossal volume mascara// The only mascara tbh, I’ve been using this on and off since school and I just keep coming back to it 

Clinique moisture surge// obsessed with this moisturising face mask- it really makes a difference and I’ll definitely get this again as a treat. I managed to keep it for a while by being really picky with when I used it, but the use- by date was coming up so I finished it. Definitely want to get this again.

Clinique eye cream// I liked this a lot but I definitely prefer the tube packaging of the clinique one I’ve got now

Bleach kits// not included in the picture but I've tried a few Japanese box bleach kits, inclusing gatsby, palty beauteen and megamega bleach. So far my fave is gatsby or megamega bleach? But i miss my proper hairdresser bleach from home 💔
flatlay of empty beauty products including lush, muji, hair essentials and the body shop

Body shop berry hand cream//  v moisturising and has a really strong and long lasting scent

Body shop shower gel berry// again, really strong scent and a lovely shower gel. 

Simple oil free moisturiser// I love this moisturiser and I really trust simple products to not mess with my skin. Sadly you can’t get them in Japan so I’m sticking with muji for now

Lush Charity Pot// My go-to product for when I want a little pick me up- it smells gorgeous, these little pots are really cute and convenient for travel etc, and it's suuch a nice rich moisturiser. 

Johnsons body care moisturiser// this is way less glam than lush, but it does a great job and it's a reliable fave. 

Sooo that’s it for now! How are you guys? Does anyone else measure how much time passes with how many beauty products they go through? 😬
I promise I’ll get some actual Japan content out soon! 
-Amy xoxo


Thursday, 24 January 2019

Japan beauty haul ♡ ft my ride or die products ft Muji, Kosé, hadabisei

Japanese beauty products flatlay

So I've been in Japan for just over a month, and while I haven't had much time for tourism, I haaave had time for some shopping! I've been pretty restrained to be honest, and stuck to *essential* beauty items, so here's a roundup of all the things I bought:

Muji face soap//
I don't reallly like foaming cleansers tbh- they're more of a pain than the cream one I use back home, but sadly I didn't have enough weight in my suitcase to take the cream cleanser with me ;-;
so I bought this mini foaming cleanser from Muji. It's actually pretty nice and agrees with my skin, so I think I'll stick with it and buy the large version.

Muji Toning water// Nice toner, does what it says on the tin, no complaints. Also I loove Muji's packaging, so I'm definitely getting the full sized version of this when it runs out.

Muji handcream// This smells amaaazing and is pretty moisturising- smells slightly of lavender. I love Muji basically so I'll keep using this. You can buy Muji miniatures in Family Mart which is slightly a life saver.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty/ Power mask// I heard great things about this mask and tbh I do really like it- it's a clay mask and scrub in one, and it really does make my skin look and feel fresher. Japanese aircon is no joke, so I've really needed this lately.

Lush Karma solid perfume// The Lush solid perfumes are great value for money as they last a really long time, plus they're so convenient for travel. I used up a whole pot of this, so I re purchased it as a payday treat ♡ I have a guerlain little black dress perfume that I absoolutely love, but can't really afford to replace atm so I'll be sticking with Karma for now.

Bioderma micellar water// foaming cleansers make my eyes really sting so I use this micellar water to get my eye makeup off. It's pricy and it makes me miss the garnier micellar water I use back at home (which is pretty much just as good for like 1/3 the price...) but this one is v nice. A bit of a treat but an essential for me tbh. I saw the large bottle for 2000 yen in Donki the other day, so I'll probably get that next time as it's way better value for money.
Japanese beauty products flatlay

Kosé suncut// I forgot to put this in the flatlay but I'm obsessed with this sunscreen. I had to search surprisingly hard for this (I hope it's not being discontinued) so I might have to start trying some other Japanese sunscreens, but this one is great. 5th or 6th bottle of this I've used. The sun is surprisingly strong even in the winter here on a clear day, so I have to be extra careful of my skin.

Hadabisei shinsou bihaku face masks// I loove these masks, I think you really see a difference the day after you use them. I bought these while I was in the UK, but it's so lovely to be able to get a pack of 5 for only 600 yen.

The Body Shop berry shower gel and hand cream// I got this as a Christmas present from my friend <3 They both smelt amazing- especially the hand cream, which lasted a really long time.

Hair Essentials 30 second treatment// Really recommend this hair mask for anyone with bleached hair, it's amazing. Pretty affordable too! I got this 300ml large version at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and I've almost used it all up! Got another one in stock though, because I can't deal with the thought of running out.

Johnson's Body Cream// Cheap and cheerful but really moisturising and sinks in really quickly. It's not fancy or luxurious in terms of scent, but it does the job.

John Masters hand cream// I got this as a present too, and it smells amazing- of lemon and ginger. It's a bit pricy so I probably wouldn't buy it for myself unless as a treat, so I'm lucky that my friend gave this to me <3

That's it for now! Do you guys have any favourite Japanese or Asian beauty products? I'm trying to be restrained, buuut SPINNS has 3CE lipsticks in stock and I can't stop thinking about it...
-Amy xoxo

Japan goals ver 2// Massive empties ♡ Products I've used up #16// Life update: 1 month in Japan and My New Year's Resolutions

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Life update// 1 month in Japan and my New Years Resolutions

Neon signs and giant puffer fish in Dotombori, Osaka

Long time no see <3 I have been soo majorly busy since I started work! I had all these grand plans for blogging loads once I got here, but I've been waaay busier and way more overwhelmed than I expected. Working 6 days a week is intense, I'm sure I'll get used to it but I'm not there yet. Once I get back into the swing of things, I have looooads of content I want to post though, so please stay tuned!

So what have I been up to?

  • I flew into Osaka and spent one blissful day walking round ura namba and umeda eating takoyaki and taking photos (I'll definitely post those photos on here when I get a minute)
  • Then the next day went straight to Shizuoka, met people and got settled in, then the next day
  • Started work at my first proper job! It's busy and stressful and all in Japanese because I'm not an English teacher, but everyone at work is super lovely <3 
  • Caught a massive cold as soon as I got here, so the first week or so of work were a bit grim 
  • Saw Mount Fuji!!
  • Found *my* supermarket and *my* vegetable shop :)
  • Found some cool coffee shops (blog posts to follow)
  • I helped out at a film shoot, as an interpreter (?!!) 
  • Bought a filter coffee pot for the first time (although tbh I think I prefer my bialetti)
  • Worked on Christmas (never again omg... even though I'm surrounded by the nicest people here, Christmas without my family was a bit horrible)
  • Went out and got completely drunk then did karaoke on Christmas with my friend (which was great, 10/10 would do again)
  • My friend showed me a cool vintage shop here and we went to a gig/party <3
  • I spent New Year in Japan! I was lucky enough to be invited to my friend's house and they had a big traditional family gathering <3 which was lovely
  • My phone broke!! 

So it's been eventful! And New Year completely crept up out of nowhere for me- time is going so fast! They're pretty similar to my Japan goals ver. 2, and I still want to do the things I talked about there, but these are the things I especially want to concentrate on in 2019.

2019 New Years Resolutions// 

Look after myself more// I have a hard time saying 'no' to people and have ended up agreeing to do lots of extra work and going to loads of events and things. Which is amazing, but I've been soo burnt out! I need to prioritise my long term well being and not over- promise things. And I need to recognise that social things will come around again, so it's ok to bow out early if I'm tired. I've also been neglecting my health a bit- see below- and I have barely studied Japanese since I got here (although my whole day is in Japanese, I haven't been studying Kanji and N1 stuff. I did Kanji the other day for the first time in ages, and it really calmed me down- doing a teeny bit every day is definitely the goal for me.)

Stop eating food from the combini!// I have been super stressed and haven't had time to cook a proper lunch for myself, so I've been ending up at the combini getting super unhealthy sugary rubbish that's full of preservatives for lunch... no wonder I've been feeling rubbish health wise tbh.

Eat more vegetables!// Japanese food actually doesn't have a lot of vegetables in- at least not like at my home. I need to buy more leafy greens for myself. Because I love to cook and I love eating veg, so maybe I just need to get back into meal prepping?

Get organised// I haven't even properly unpacked everything, because I've just been in and out/crashing. This has obviously got to change

Move out// Because rent is so much cheaper here in Shizuoka than back home, and there are a lot more 1DK style apartments, it's the perfect opportunity for me to move out and live on my own, something that I definitely couldn't afford to do in London or South East England. I loove the family I'm staying with, but I don't want to miss this chance to be a properly independent grown up :)

Save money// I want to have a little fund for emergencies, such as my recent broken phone </3 and I want to save up for a deposit.

Get better at photography and filming// I love photography, but to be honest I think I'm *ok* but I want to be *good* you know? I need to think about composition and how to make my shots more interesting- and the best way to do it is to practise practise practise <3

Don't neglect my own Youtube channel and blog// I've been doing the social media at work too, as well as creating youtube content, and to be honest I think the combination of a job I'm still not completely used to, along with the stress of trying to live up to people's high expectations for content standards (people need to understand how long editing is omg) has really contributed to me feeling so burnt out. I loove blogging and I have so much to post about here, so I'm definitely going to try and get back into posting once a week at least. <3

So that's me! What are your New Years Resolutions? Are you feeling relaxed or knackered after the holidays?
-Amy xoxo

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