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Tuesday 20 October 2015

1 month in Japan?!

Hey guys! So I've been in Japan for a whole month already! It's going by so quickly ;-;

Did I achieve my goals this month?
Heck yeah! 

Practice Japanese: yep! I'm pretty sure I'm more confident at speaking in daily life, although I still have a ways to go yet.

Travel: yup~ make sure to check back over the last month (and stay tuned) for those posts, but my favourite place so far is maybe Namba Osaka (pictured above is Shin Sekai)

Make friends: yeah ^^ everyone here is so lovely! I've also managed to catch up with my friend who did an exchange in leeds last year :D even though I'm always nervous, I'm trying my best, guys ^^;;

Practise guitar: yup, I bought an old guitar and I can now play it whenever I want~ (with the exception of like super early in the morning or something)

Go to gigs: not yet >_<;; I've seen a few I want to go to though! I'll book them soon I think :)

Keep up blogging: yes! I've managed to post almost every day since I've been here (hope you guys like the daily posts) 

My goals for next month:

  • Travel more and further afield. My top place atm is tokyo, because....
  • I need to see my boyfriend. He's in Tokyo so I should be able to go soonish
  • Send my family back souvenirs and stuff
  • Go to a gig. Even on my own. Even if it's fucking terrifying
  • Arrange the 'must go to gigs' of December: SuG and gazette
  • Study japanese more: get a schedule and stick to it ^^
  • But a phone and a new camera (I got Jasso scholarship so I can afford it... Maybe.... Probably not....) 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings, guys ^^ 
See you in the next month ♡
-Amy xoxo


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