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Monday 26 October 2015

Katsuoji visit part two: Katsuoji

After the hike, we finally reached Katsuoji in the late afternoon. It is so beautiful there! Katsuoji means "temple of winners' luck". And there are a lot of Daruma dolls (pictured above) everywhere. I mean everywhere. You'll see what I mean. 
 First of all we decided to have a coffee and sit down, after having walked for a good few hours.
 The entry gate is so beautiful!
 They had a smoke machine going, which made it seem somewhat reminiscent of a theme park to me... But it still really pretty.
 They had a small shrine on an island in the middle of the pond:
 The Gate from behind:
 There were so many stone lanterns!

 The leaves were starting to change colour here too, I bet it is totally beautiful during Kouyou! (when the leaves are all colourful).

 There was a small building full to bursting with Daruma dolls!
If you didn't already know, when you buy a daruma, the eyes aren't coloured in. You colour in one eye, and then make a wish. When the wish comes true, you colour in the other one.

 There were also lots of mini daruma everywhere:
 They look almost creepy, right?

Next time will be even more Katsuoji pictures, stay tuned~
Thanks for reading (^O^)/
-Amy xoxo



  1. I never knew about this place until I saw your post and now it's got to be my #1 "must visit" location! I adore Daruma :D


    1. Omg yay I'm so pleased! Definitely take a day trip to Katsuoji if/when you get to Osaka! <3


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