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Sunday 4 October 2015

Amemura haul: SPINNS, Zeal Link, King Kong records, 100円 store etc.

This is my Ame-mura haul from the other day! 
It is so nice there, I could have bought everything pretty much. I tried to restrain myself.. well a little bit anyway.
First up, Spinns! I've wanted to visit for the longest time, and it didn't disappoint. I'd seen these shoes in there the other day, and I fell in love. I tried them on, and they fit?! Japanese shoes fit me ahahhahahah! (Well, LL size.. but still)

Next up is this beanie I bought in a shop in Shinsaibashi-suji for only 300 yen!

 I also went to Zeal Link in Big Step, Amemura and bought Screw's album "Psychic Monsters" (which I'll talk about properly another time) and Kera magazine. But look, the bag comes with GazettE's tour dates printed on it! I can't wait for my copy of DOGMA to arrive!

 Zeal Link also gave me this free magazine, which had artist features and some tour dates, etc.
 I also went into King Kong Records in Amemura, which sells used CDs and records.
I saw In Utero for 800 yen (just over £4) so I couldn't say no really!

I bought a riceball mould from Daiso- a 100yen shop
And I bought some more supplies to organise my room from my local Seria (another 100yen shop)
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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