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Thursday 8 October 2015

Pamyu Pamyu Revolution

Ok guys, I finally bought a CD that I have been meaning to buy for at least three years or something....
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu's "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution" 

Ok, so you guys all remember Ponponpon, which broke the Internet a few years ago? Yeah, that's kyary, for all of you who don't know ^^ 

So this CD. I bought it used, at Book Off, which is why there are a few scratches on the case. However, it was only 1250 yen, so it's worth it I think. (CDs are usually pretty expensive in Japan) 

This album is everything I thought it would be. I had already heard a lot of the songs before, from her singles "Ponponpon" "tsukema tsukeru" and "candy candy" and then "kyary ANAN" and "minna no uta" were used in adverts I think. 

The tracks that I hadn't heard before are just as good as the singles though! Featuring Kyarys trademark upbeat style and Yasutaka Nataka's awesome producing skills, this album as a whole will get stuck in your head so easily, and make you want to cover yourself in pastels and kreepsville666 stuff, like 2012's tumblr. (I miss tumblr from 2012) 

My favourite songs so far are "Kyary ANAN", "drinker" and "onedari 44℃"  although, I love them all. I'm mostly listening to the ones I didn't know, like "スキすぎてキレそう". And I love kyary. So much. Everything about her is so pleasing. 

For my UK friends, Kyary is actually playing the roundhouse in Camden this weekend, so see if you can't snap up some tickets to that ^^

That's all from me right now~
I have a strong urge to go buy something shark themed now....
Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo 

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