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Monday 12 October 2015

Tennouji visit part two: more shrines and temples

So this post is really picture heavy, even though I split it up... 
Ah, well. Today's post is another one on the Tennouji area in Osaka, last post was our visit to Shitennouji temple and this one is of some other smaller temples and shrines we visited around the area: Shomaninaizen-do, Horikoshi Jinja and Ooe Jinja. They were all so pretty and peaceful. Most of the time, we were the only people there too.

The first temple we visited was called Shomaninaizen-do:

Next up was (my personal favourite) Ooe jinja:

The trees there were so perfectly shaped!

And lastly, Horikoshi Jinja:

Japanese temples and shrines are so beautiful, and sometimes the smaller ones off the beaten track (like the ones from today or Ryuanji near Minoh waterfall) are more peaceful and potentially more enjoyable. 
I hope you enjoyed my photos! See you next time and thanks for reading (^O^)/
-Amy xoxo


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