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Tuesday 13 October 2015

Tennouji visit part three: Abeno Harukas and Market Park Q's mall

Abeno Harukas
So this is the third post about the Tennouji area~ First of all we visited Shitennouji and then some other shrines and temples like Ooe Jinja. Then we went back to shopping, as you do...

See how wide open and nice Tennouji is to walk around?
Street in Tennouji, Osaka

You can see Tsutenkaku again!
Tsutenkaku tower from Tennouji

Halloween themed sign outside a dog salon. I wish I had a dog so I could give it a halloween makeover too. 

As always, I love the side streets the most.

I also saw a Japanese church for the first time! 
Graffiti in Japan is pretty rare, so I got excited to see it. It reminded me of home a bit. (what does that say about the UK?)

We went to Book Off in Tennnouji, and I bought so so much manga. I'll show you that in another post coming up soon.
Next up, Abeno Harukas. According to google- sensei, Abeno Harukas is the tallest actual building in Japan (although Tokyo sky tree beats it in height by about double, apparently it doesn't count as a building....?) anyway, Abeno Harukas is pretty tall and impressive! Unfortunately for me, as there is a Tower Records in there, we didn't go in, instead opting to visit Market Park Q's Mall opposite. 

I didn't take too many pictures inside, because shopping Malls are the same pretty much everywhere I think. Market Park Q's is pretty big though, and it has a Shibuya 109 themed area which was obviously my favourite! It had SPINNS, Ghost of Harlem, Liz Lisa, Punyus... basically a tonne of cool brands. I wish I could have stayed there and shopped for longer! 
That is the end of my Tennouji pictures! I hope you liked! Stay tuned for more of my Osaka adventures, and thanks for reading (^O^)/
-Amy xoxo

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