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Saturday 3 October 2015

雨村 Amemura on a rainy day

Ok, sorry for my bad attempts at Japanese puns in the title.
It's actually written as アメ村 but 雨 means rain, and is also pronounced 'ame'
So the other day, I went for a solo shopping trip to Namba Osaka. I went to Amemura, Shinsaibashi-suji and Dotombori, just wandering around. I love going to places with my friends, but as I get older I am trying to be more self sufficient and ok with my own company. After all, none of my friends here share the same interest in Japanese pop culture, music or fashion as me, so we all want to go to different places sometimes. Anyway, enjoy the rainy day photos:
 I found a visual-kei shop!! It's called Zeal Link, and it's in the basement of a department store (I think it's called BIG STEP but I'm not 100%) in Amemura.  I took a photo, but as you can see, it is quite possibly the blurriest thing ever. Sorry. I guess I'll have to go back to buy more CDs I mean to take more photos. For science.

 View through my umbrella. So you can get the authentic experience.
 I then spent some time just wandering around Namba.

 Dotombori again

 There is a person sized model of Evangelion unit one!

 I had a mocha in starbucks Tsutaya, and read Kera for a while.
 After that I walked some more, and then went home ^^
Do you like exploring by yourself once in a while? I would definitely recommend it! Although obviously be safe if you are in a strange area after dark...
Thanks for reading! Next time will be a haul of the things I bought~
-Amy xoxo

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