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Friday 25 September 2015

Airplane survival tips

Hey guys! The plane journey from London to Kansai International via Amsterdam was pretty long, but I had a pretty good ride! So here are my tips on how to have the most comfortable flight possible: 

1 If you haven't flown a lot like me, be sure to google around about what to take etc. (and read this post~) if you're well prepared, you'll be less nervous about travelling.

2 Get to your airport in plenty of time. I know this is obvious, but it is so important! I actually got put on an earlier flight >_<;; which was then delayed so it left later than the original flight.... 

3 Make sure that you have a good amount of connecting time if you are getting two flights. About 3 hours seems to be good. 

4 Use the airport wifi to keep in touch with your family and friends, this helped me feel less lonely and hopefully made them feel better too ^^;;

5 Bring your iPod! Load it up with new music~ also comfy headphones are a must. Unless you're planning on just watching the in flight entertainment the whole time. Which is fair enough ^^;; 

6 Wear comfortable clothes. It's no good layering up with loads of jumpers if you'll have an uncomfortable flight

7 Comfy shoes are a must too, I wore my DMs (which was also convenient as they are my biggest/heaviest pair) but there is a lot of walking to do in some airports

8 Wear minimal/ no jewellery. Jewellery will just be a hassle at security when you have to take it off. However, take precious jewellery with you in your hand luggage. 

9 Bring a handbag/ laptop case with a long handle so you can have your hands free around the airport. A small handbag you can have at your feet is good because you don't have to keep going into the overhead lockers

10 Get a bum bag that you can put most of your money in. Losing/getting money stolen is the last thing you want to happen. 

11 Try and sleep/ doze on the plane if it is night time at your destination

12 Think about which seat you want on the plane: the window seat had the best view, but you have to climb over people to go to the loo etc. 

13 When your ears go due to the altitude, swallowing, yawning, chewing gum and blowing your nose can all help   

14 Plait your hair so you'll have a ready done hairstyle when you get off the plane ^^(link to my go to uni hair)

What to pack in your hand luggage:

  • External battery
  • ipod
  • Things to help you sleep! My airline provided a blanket and a pillow but you might wanna bring a blanket scarf or something just in case
  • Book/magazine (I brought Mishima for extra pretentiousness, ahahah) 
  • Paper and Japanese test (bc I'm sad)
  • Buy water at the airport! They give you water, but not necessarily when you want it
  • Lip balm and moisturiser- in flight air con is pretty bad for your skin. The lady next to me actually brought a sheet mask with her ^^;;
  • All your documents in a lil folder
  • Pens to fill out forms 
  • Maybe bring a guidebook/phrase book for where you're going so you can be excited about it on the plane! 
  • a change of clothes, essential toiletries and makeup in case the worst happens and your luggage gets lost like mine did
I hope these tips helped! 
If you have any advice on flights, please share because I'll surely need it on the way back next year! :) 
-Amy xoxo

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