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Sunday 6 September 2015

Visiting London: 11 of my favourite things to do there

I've been spending a bit more time in London lately, and I thought I'd share a few of my favourite things to do there:
1 Sightseeing London is a tourist hotspot for a reason, it has tonnes of beautiful old and new buildings. Even if it might be at times a bit cringe worthy, doing the tourist run is a must in my opinion. My favourite area has to be around Whitehall, because I am a little bit of a politics nerd.
2 Camden Town Camden is somewhere I feel really 'at home', it has such a nice vibe! They have recently done some rebranding in Camden market, so there is more seating and free wifi, haha. I'd maybe avoid coming here on weekends, especially Sundays. Camden Town underground is exit only Sunday afternoon so you have to walk to Mornington Crescent. I'd always prefer going when there are less tourists there, because I'd rather see all the awesome fashion! There are so many amazing styles in Camden, from punk to Lolitas. I always make sure my outfit is on point when I visit, hehe. Chin Chin labs in Camden make ice cream by freezing it with liquid nitrogen. Coolest thing ever (see what I did there??) and the ice creams are so tasty, if expensive. 
Camden also has so much yummy street food. But most importantly, Camden has loads of cool unique clothes, Camden market and such a cool atmosphere. Last time I went, there was a band playing on the street too :D 
Make sure you pop into Cyberdog too, they sell clothes that I can only describe as 'outer space inspired rave wear', and the inside is so cool. Unfortunately, no photos are allowed inside.

3 Gigs London is my closest city, so I usually go to gigs there. London had so many awesome venues and I've barely touched the surface (mental note: go to a million more gigs after Japan). O2 academy Brixton (where I saw All Time Low, above and Bring Me The Horizon) has so many good memories for me.

4 West end shows The Ultimate treat. I always ask for tickets as part of my birthday present. Everyone loves the theatre, right? Try going to a last minute ticket seller for on the day discounts to go see a show.

5 Parks London has so many lovely green spaces! Above is St James' Park.

6 Walking. If you can, try and walk places rather than going on the tube (although personally the tube still feels like a massive adventure) Walking through central London and the parks is so lovely on a good day and when you're not in a hurry to go anywhere.
7 Forbidden planet for my fellow nerds! A huge store with loads of manga, merchandise and comics.
8 Mcm comic con and Hyper Japan. To be honest, I'm not into expo much any more, but I used to enjoy it so much. Definitely give it a try or just swing by excel on the day (or go on the DLR near there) to see loads of cosplayers. Hyper Japan though, that's awesome. They have Japanese artists playing, a market and panels, and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

9 Chinatown is such a cool area! It's really easy to get to, just outside Leicester square station. I always come here to stock up on sheet masks and cute stationery. Sorry I don't have any photos, you'll just have to trust me.

10 Museums London has so many cool museums, and they are FREE! Just go, honestly. Favourites of mine are the V and A, British Museum and the Imperial War Museum (I love history).

11 Food! The latest restaurant I've tried in London is Misato near Chinatown, above (because I can never get enough of Japanese food, it was cheap and the food is yummy and comes in huge portions). But everywhere you look in London is another gorgeous looking restaurant! Because it is such a multicultural place, you can get such a variety of food here.

Thanks for reading! I'm sure there are oodles of things I've missed out on, but never mind ^^
-Amy xoxo

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