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Thursday 17 September 2015

How I achieved my "My Little Pony" hair

Hey guys ^^ today's post is about one of my favourite hair looks in a long time: this three tone "my little pony" pastel dip dye.

It was actually pretty easy to do! (As long as you have some time to spare and some old towels you don't mind staining)

Products I used: 
  • Bleach London's "washed up mermaid" 
  • Directions' "Carnation Pink" 
  • Directions' "Plum" 
  • Cheap white conditioner (I just used tressemĂ© because it is good for my hair and smells nice)
  • Tint brush and bowl
  • Old towels and a t shirt that you don't mind getting dye on 
  • Gloves

Method: mix up the top colour (mine was pink) with conditioner in the bowl until you have a shade a little darker than the colour you want your hair. Apply this to your hair, either with a tint brush or your fingers. Take your time and make sure every strand is covered otherwise you'll end up with a patchy look. 

For the next colour (I used plum) you can either start again with new conditioner or just put it in on top of the pink, which is what I did. Apply to the hair underneath. 

Repeat with the last colour (mine was washed up mermaid and wasn't so pigmented so I just used it straight out of the bottle) 

Smudge the colours together at the joins by using a backcombing motion with your fingers. Do this at the top of the dip dye too.

Wait the full processing time. If they are non damaging colours like directions you can leave it for longer if you'd like it to stay longer in your hair. 

Be careful not to get dye anywhere as it stains like crazy! 

I'd advise cleaning your sink now tbh as it will be a lot easier to clean off potential stains.

After the 15 minutes are up, wash your hair until the water runs clear and voilĂ 

Here's a post on my go-to holiday wavy hair

Bear in mind: this look is pastel so it should wash out fairly quickly, but depending on the dye used it may stain your hair. Blue is notorious for this, (I'm looking at you 'washed up mermaid') and I actually mentioned this in my mini review of washed up mermaid. If you want something that will fade quickly, stick to pink or red tones rather than blue. Also think about trying this look with hair chalk if you're after something really temporary. 

Happy hair dying~
Thanks for reading ♪( ´▽`)
-Amy xoxo 

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