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Thursday 24 September 2015

My Osaka Bucket list

So, this post is late, as I've already started crossing items off this list (whoops) but I thought I'd share anyway! 
To be honest, even though Osaka is a huge city, most travel information on Japan just focuses on Tokyo. There's more to Japan than just Tokyo, guys!

So when I saw this adorable guidebook, just on Osaka, I had to snap it up!

The Osaka visitor guide website has also been super helpful.

So here's a list of places I'm looking forward to visiting in Osaka! 

Places I've already visited:

  • Osaka university , obviously ♡ 
  • Shin sekai 
  • Amemura
  • Den den town
  • Nipponbashi
  • Shrines/temples
  • Dotonburi 
  • Karaoke
  • An izakaya
  • Minoh

Places I want to visit:

  • Osaka castle
  • Osaka municipal museum of art
  • Osaka museum of history
  • See some Tadao Ando architecture
  • Namba parks
  • Go and see Noh, Kabuki and Bunraku theatre
  • Takarazuka revue too because that sounds hilarious
  • Umeda and Umeda sky building
  • Tsumuhashi- Korea town
  • Atc hall- hangout
  • Comic city Osaka
  • Ota road
  • Osaka museum of housing and living
  • Chihaya- asaka- Mura
  • Minami Karachi
  • Kishiwada castle
  • Osaka city construction bureau Maishima sludge centre
  • Tempozan
  • Chikabu Asuka museum
  • Saya Maike museum
  • Sumiyo-taisha shrine
I can't wait to tick off more places! and of course I'll be taking y'all along for the picspam <3
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo


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