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Monday 7 September 2015

Things I am going to miss about the UK

So as you all know, I'm off to Osaka pretty soon and I'm going to do some posts on where I wanna go, (more importantly, I've already written which bands I wanna see next year.) I thought I'd balance things a bit with a post on some of the things I'm gonna miss the most about good ol' Blighty. 

My friends and family. Because talking on the Internet isn't quite the same.

London I've been to London a fair bit lately (check out my post on my favourite things to do in London) and it's such a fun place.

Leeds and Leeds University I feel so at home and accepted at uni, it's crazy. I hope I get the same feeling at Osaka.

The countryside I'm from the rural-urban fringe near London and I'm moving to the suburbs of a big city. Japan is notoriously packed with people. Luckily I'll be able to travel and see the beautiful Japanese countryside too. 

Speaking English (without feeling guilty) next year is all about Japanese practise, so even if I'm not good at it, I want to speak mostly in Japanese. 

Primark and Topshop this is slightly a joke... But I have heard it is harder for foreigners to buy clothes in Japan if they are on the taller side. Hopefully I'll be ok, as I love japanese fashion! 

The food I really like Japanese food, but I'm pretty sure there will come a point when I start craving mashed potatoes. 

Wish me luck in Osaka, guys!
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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