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Sunday 27 September 2015

Minoh Waterfall Trip Report

Just a heads up, this is a super picture-heavy post again, guys. Sorry but Japan is too photogenic. 
So the other day, my friends and I decided to visit the waterfall in Minoh. Minoh is actually famous for its maple leaves, so this was a kind of 'off peak' visit as the leaves have only just started to change. Even though green leaves aren't so famous, I think they are still so so beautiful. 

We took the bus to Minoh, and walked up to the waterfall. The street leading up to the forest is full of shops selling omiyage (souvenirs) and even maple leaf tempura! I resisted the urge to buy stuff this time, but I think I'll probably come back and buy some cute stuff for my family ^^
We went to Minoh the day after we went to Namba Osaka the first time (I'm so behind already, ahhhhh) and the contrast couldn't be stronger! Even though Minoh is only like 45 minutes from central Osaka, it feels so calm in the forest.
See the ubiwuitous vending machines, below. Japan is full of em, seriously.

Shrine Torii
We decided to take a 'short detour' up those steps to see where they would lead... turns out it wasn't short at all.

We climbed up 300 metres or so on a super hot day, but the view made it so so worth it!
We carried on walking and found a lake and some more beautiful forest.

And then a few hours later we went back on the path to the waterfall.

There is a Buddhist temple and a Shinto shrine on the path to the waterfall too. I believe the temple is called Ryuanji temple.

Ryuanji temple (below)

Sunset back in Minoh-shi

View of Minoh and Osaka from near University

Sorry for the picture spam! I hope you guys enjoyed, and thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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