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Monday 21 September 2015

My first impressions of Japan

Hey everyone! So I've been in Japan almost a week now (!) but I thought I'd share a few pictures from the first couple of days here. Enjoy! 
Japan from the plane
Hep five building as seen from the coach to Osaka University
Osaka is so photogenic
This is the residential area close to my university- Aomatani Higashi
The rain makes me nostalgic about the UK, ahaha.
Random rice paddy in the middle of Minoh-shi
View from the bus
Aomatani at night
View of Osaka from Handai

I have a lot more posts coming up, so stay tuned! If possible, I am going to try and keep to my schedule of daily posting that I had over summer, but bear with me! I've certainly taken a lot of pictures in the last few days! So far I've been to quite a few places on my bucket list in Osaka, like Shinsekai, Tsutenkaku tower and Amemura. Me and my friends have also been to Karaoke which was a laugh. This week is a national holiday 'silver week' so we have a few more days of exploring before class starts, I want to try and go to Kyoto, definitely! 

Overall, apart from my luggage getting lost (which deserves a whole post to itself) I have had a really good experience of Japan so far! The people are really friendly and willing to help, and Osaka is such an exciting city! Lots of people online make it seem like Japanese people are unfriendly to foreigners but I haven't found this at all. I do speak Japanese though, so that probably helped.
We have had a lot of forms to fill in from university, but I'm getting through them ^^;; Wish me luck~
See you in the next post! 
-Amy xoxo


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