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Wednesday 16 September 2015

New in: Urbanears Plattan On Ear Headphones

Howdy ^^
Today's post is about my new headphones- the Urbanears Plattan. Well, I say new, but they are a replacement for my old pair of Plattans because I honestly loved my old ones to death.
Old ones in "pool" (it was breaking in several places before I finally admitted defeat. See where it snapped? That broke my heart slightly....)
New ones in "grape" (sorry about that lighting, they are like cadburys packaging purple) 

Why I repurchased them:  

  • They are fairly cheap for on ear headphones, 
  • they make my music sound good
  • there isn't much sound leaking out from them, and they also do a good job of blocking out outside sound. 
  • They are quite comfortable to wear, too! 
  • I love how stylish they look
  • they fold up to fit in your bag, 
  • material wrapped cord which doesn't tangle easily. 
  • The last ones also lasted me a good five or so years.

So all in all, it was a no brainer to repurchase these! 

They are stylish and perform all the functions I want from on ear headphones  whiteout breaking the bank as they were about £30. 
Even the packaging is stylish! 

Do you like using on ear headphones? Have you tried Urbanears Plattan? 
Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo

(P.s. this post sounds like a straight up advert, but I bought these myself. I am just very much in love with them.) 

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