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Tuesday 22 September 2015

My luggage was lost! And how to deal with it

(Spoiler alert: I got my luggage back in the end)

So, as I mentioned the other day, I am in Japan. I got a plane from London City Airport> Amsterdam> Kansai International. My luggage did not. It was mislabelled at London City (I think) and didn't arrive into Japan until a few days later.

Here are my tips for dealing with lost luggage:

1 Prepare! Pack a change of clothes and essential toiletries into your hand luggage. I'm so glad I did! You never think it will happen to you, but it might be best to prepare for the worst anyway.

2 Pack any valuables into your hand luggage too

3 Don't panic! Apparently, 95% of lost luggage gets returned to its owner within a few days

4 Inform the airport staff ASAP. The staff at KIX were so friendly and helpful, and they gave me a form to fill in to register that my bag had been lost. I wrote my contact information and address down, and they said they would deliver my luggage to my dorm as soon as it arrived in Japan.

5 Hang on to any reciepts for things that you had to buy (essentials like deodorant and a change of underwear) and try and apply for compensation if the bag was lost. My bag was only lost a short time, and I didn't have to buy much so it wouldn't have been worth my time but this might be different if you had had to buy a lot. 

6 Hopefully you will be reunited with your bag <3

I hope that this doesn't happen to any of you when you travel, because it was pretty stressful. Everything was ok in the end, but it made me feel so unsettled. 
The most important thing to remember is to prepare for the worst anyway, even if it is unlikely to happen. 

Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo

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